Zane (Alluring Indulgence 2) by Nicole Edwards


FANTASTIC melt your panties HOTT

Zane Walker is your typical Texas Cowboy, sweet, charming, sexy, dominate, alpha male with his bedroom eyes, and his panty melting voice. He wants Vanessa “V” and no matter what he has to go through he will get her. He is determined to change her mind about him and make her realize what they have is real and worth fighting for.

Vanessa Carmichael is timid, shy, and beautiful. She holds all the cards when it comes to Zane Walker and she is scared. Terrified of feeling more for him than just their intense physical connection. She fights it, and she fights it hard. She is scared of him getting hurt again, blaming herself for everything that happened in front of her house 3 months ago. She wants Zane but she isn’t willing to put him in harms way again in order to have him. She will let him go and have her heart broken in the process as long as that means he is safe.

Can Zane use his power of persuasion and make Vanessa “V” see that the connection between them is more than just physical but something that is meant to last a lifetime? Will Vanessa Carmichael put her fears and insecurities aside and take a chance on her very own happy ending? Or will the events in the past ruin their future before it even gets started?

(Oh why I love Zane – let me count the ways!!! 1. I love Zane because he is purely alpha male, 2. I love Zane because he takes control in and out of the bedroom, 3. I love Zane because he can make you feel like the only woman in the world, 4. I love Zane because he is passionate, caring, and oh so sexy, and finally 5. I love Zane because he can give you the BIG “O” by just looking at you!!!) I want Zane to do this to me:

Zane Walker is such a passionate character that you will fall in love with. He is determined to win Vanessa’s heart and he won’t stop until he has it. He is fierce and passionate and oozes sex appeal. He is not only a lover but a fighter (best of both worlds).

Nicole did an excellent job at showing us all of Zane and his many layers (yes, like a jawbreaker – many many wonderful tasty layers).

“Baby, I’m not going to last. I need you to come for me. Fucking come around my cock. I want to feel your pussy milk my cock while I come inside of you.”

(Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – OKAY)

Zane can also be very playful and sharing (Remember yall sharing is caring and Mrs. Walker taught her boys right). So of course we all know that every Walker boy has a best friend, and well Zane’s best friend would be none other than Beau (applause) I love Beau! I couldn’t get enough of him in Zane and I really hope he gets his own story. He is your typical shy guy, very sexy and very shy. His connection with Zane and Victoria is very strong so of course what happens when 3 very sexy people who have very strong connections with each other do when they get together? Why yes, this is Nicole Edwards we are talking about so we all know what happens next!

“I want to watch Beau lick your sweet pussy. Hear the way you moan when he reams your ass with his tongue. Watch while you fly apart with us both buried inside of you again.”

(Okay now I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of that lucky bitch)  (I would be all like:

Vanessa “V” god I loved her and kind of wanted to smack her all at the same time. She is so scared to fall in love, which I totally understand and get. But damnit if you have a man like Zane Walker standing in front of you wanting to give you everything you don’t question in. You jump on that cowboy, hold on like hell, and enjoy the fucking ride!! I did like however, how the further into the story we got she became more assertive, she started taking control of her life and she knew what she wanted. It took her a little while to get there but when she finally did she didn’t hold back.

Now let’s chat a bit about Beau shall we?! Beau made me want to do very naughty things to him.

Okay so he is shy and sometimes timid. He is hiding something from everyone but when it comes out it comes out with a BANG. (pun intended) I love me some Beau. He made my heart beat just a bit faster during Zane and had my body tingling. Beau is such a wonderful character to fall in love with he is a giver and doesn’t really focus too much on himself but he finally got what he secretly wanted for a very long time and I was so thrilled that it was all about Beau. He deserves happiness and to love and be loved and I can’t wait to hear more about his story. Beau is such a sweetheart.

“As a point, I do my best not to get involved,” Beau began, “but I’m going to say this one time. Don’t crush him, V. You can’t even begin to understand what you’ve got in a man like Zane. He’s loyal, honest, and when he loves, it’s forever. He’s found that with you. I’ve never seen him look at another woman the way he does you. Take time to think about what you need to think about, but make sure you know what you’re doing. If you push him away, he won’t come back.”

So let me wrap up with little love fest! Zane was amazing, I loved Kaleb and I loved Zane so I positive I am going to love the rest of the Alluring Indulgence series. Nicole writes so pretty steamy books that will have you whipping your jaw and drool up off the floor long after you finish the book. I will gladly say that her Club Destiny series and her Alluring Indulgence series has been some of the best steamy erotica books I have read to date and I have read A LOT! So again, do yourself a favor and get to reading, you won’t be disappointed. I strongly urge you to go commando and sit on a towel or sponge.

By the end of Zane you will be feeling like this and some people may not be able to handle it!

I hope Nicole doesn’t go anywhere for a long time and keeps writing these amazing stories to share with us.

“Never, baby. I’m right here. Not going anywhere.”

AWESOME! So I guess Zane said it – Nicole isn’t going anywhere!!!!! And she called me baby (wink)!