Book Review – Wreck Me (Wreck Series #1) by J.L. Mac

Wreck Me


5 Star Review

I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I already do, Josephine, my heart resides with you forevermore.”

After everyone Josephine Geroux ever loved was ripped away from her at the age of 9 she has spent most of her life as an orphan bouncing from foster homes and shelters and finally landing herself on the street to fend for herself.   Now at 25 years old she has a small apartment and a job working for the ruthless old Mr. Sutton, at his book store, and that is her life.  She is content with her life, content with waking up alone day after day going to work and coming home alone.  It was better this way, not to love, not to feel, for Josephine this was safe – this was her life.


Damon Cole stumbles upon Jo working at the bookstore – that day changed everything.  From the second their eyes locked an unfamiliar feeling pulls them towards each other.  A feeling of familiarity between Jo and Damon causes them to want to exam their feelings a little further.

“You think you can’t give that to me, but I am going to prove you wrong.  Just let me prove you wrong, Josephine.”

Will Josephine’s past catch up with her and ruin her happiness or will her life finally turn in a different direction and let her have happiness for the first time in 16 years.  Will the demons and skeletons that Damon keeps locked away in his closet stay hidden or will they force themselves out and wreck everything he has been searching for.

“You are the best thing that has ever happened in my shitty life.”

I loved Wreck Me.  This is the first book I have read by J.L. Mac and the cover alone is what drew me in, I didn’t even read the synopsis before I decided that I needed to have this book and devour it.  And even though the cover was breathtaking, the story within the cover blew me out of the water.

Josephine is a strong willed, head strong, determined, and loyal character.  She is feisty, passionate, scared, bitchy, has a bad attitude and isn’t afraid to call you on your shit – and I loved that about her.  My favorite part of Jo is her dirty, dirty mouth. ”Yeah, but I think you like my dirty mouth.”  She didn’t have an easy life but that didn’t stop her from educating herself to get her GED, demanding a job from grumpy ole’ Mr. Sutton and living the life she was handed.

Damon Cole, oh Damon, Damon, Damon – even the name is sexy and boy is this “big man” sexy!  He was an easy book boyfriend for me to fall in love with.  He is gorgeous, successful, funny, caring, passionate, driven, and has a little of that alpha male we all know and love.  “Keep teasing me baby and you won’t be able to walk tomorrow” <~~~ Well hell, with what he has to do to make that happen I think I will keep teasing him J…..But he also has that sweet, passionate and protective side of him with saying things like this, You’re breath taking, you know that?”  – swoooooon!!

I was rooting for them to work from the very beginning but as things unfolded and secrets came out it became harder and harder for me to see them making it out with their hearts in tacked.  Some things in your past just don’t stay there and they can cause everything you love to be ripped away in a heartbeat and all you can do is pray you come out on the other side not wrecked.

“I know we can work because failing isn’t an option.”

“How are you so damn confident all the time?”

This was an easy read with everything running smoothly.  There were some bombshells that landed and plunged my heart.  I laughed and I cried – not the UGLY cry that some books cause us, but enough to have to wipe my eyes so I could continue to read.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor a few times and I think part of it is still laying there.  J.L. Mac is amazing!  I am eager to get my hands on Restore Me so I can have more of Jo and Damon’s (droooool – sorry let me grab a napkin) story and see if their love will restore them or if the past wrecks their future forever.