Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire


From New York Times Bestselling Author Jamie McGuire brings us Walking Disaster.  We all met Abby “Pigeon” and Travis “Mad dog” in Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster.  We fell in love with their story and wanted more.  Abby had her voice and shared their beautiful journey together and now it’s Travis’s turn.  Travis fights hard but fought harder to win the heart of Abby.  This is his voice, this is his story, you think you loved Travis before well hold on tight and get ready to fall in love all over again with Travis and Abby.

Maybe it was just me.  Maybe it was just me and her.  Maybe together we were this volatile entity that would either implode or meld together.  Either way, it seemed the moment I met her, my life had been turned upside down. – Travis Maddox Walking Disaster

Please if you have NOT read Beautiful Disaster, not reading, go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and buy it and read it first.  You will appreciate Travis’s point of view in Walking Disaster that much more…..

HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL!!  I loved Beautiful Disaster, I loved reading their story through Abby’s eyes and knowing what was running through her heard throughout their journey but I was desperate to know Travis and his mind and how he felt and what he thought and I can’t think Jamie enough for giving us his story.

“One of these days you’re going to fall in love, son. Don’t settle for just anyone. Choose the girl that doesn’t come easy; the one you have to fight for, and then never stop fighting. Never.”

Jamie had the tears running down my cheeks during the prologue and although it was an emotion of I have come to know quite well since my reading journey started I was hoping for more swoons, smiles, giggles, bat my eyes, melt my heart type of emotion and she did not disappoint.

Abby is a feisty one just like in Beautiful Disaster she didn’t go easy on Travis, she didn’t bat her eyes and fall at his feet and he liked that about her.  He liked that he had to work harder to win her over, he liked the fight and he knew that there was something about Abby that he had to have and he couldn’t live without but she didn’t make that easy for him.

“I didn’t say you’re a bad person.  I just don’t like being a foregone conclusion for the sole reason of having a vagina.” – Abby

Abby fought her feelings so much, not wanting to admit her feelings for Travis.  She was scared; scared of getting hurt; scared of being left; scared of giving her heart away and getting in too deep.  Travis needed Abby and he would stop at nothing until he won her over.

“In another life, I could love you.”

“I might love you in this one.”

Obviously we all know that they fought “A LOT” but that is one of the things I love about this couple – their love wasn’t easy, they had to work every day at it which made it that much sweeter in the end.  They have a timeless love that will last lifetimes.  Their love story will be remembered.  Travis frustrated Abby and Abby frustrated Travis – it worked for them.

“Down here Pidge.  Just come in feet first, I’ll catch you.”

“You’re out of your damn mind if you think I’m jumping into the dark!”

“I’ll catch you! I promise! Now get your ass in here!”

There they are the typical Pigeon and Mad dog, fight, fight, fight!  I love it!!  Travis may have been this bad ass fighter but oh boy was he a lover too.  He knew they were going to fight but she was the only girl he wanted to fight with.  They would fight and make up and he would fight to show her how much he loved her, she would push him and he would pull her harder.  He couldn’t stay away from her no matter how hard he tried.

“I meant what I said before.  You need to walk away, Pidge.  God knows I can’t walk away from you.”

He melted my heart with his words and thoughts and if I could have jumped through my kindle I would have melted at his feet.  I wanted to be Abby in this story – I wanted him to love me as strong and as hard as he did her.  He is truly a beautiful man that gave his heart to a girl he wanted, a girl who turns out he needed.  He needed her more than his next breath without her his life made no since.  She is his world and he will spend every day of his life loving her and that is beautiful.

There are not enough stars in the sky to rate how high I would rate this story!  I can’t say enough about this book.  I could probably continue to go on and on and never run out of words to say.  There are too many quotes that I feel in love with so I am going to just stop now.  I loved being able to see inside the mind of Travis and know what he was thinking and how he was feeling during their journey together.  For this I want to thank Jamie McGuire for giving us a beautiful love story between 2 souls that didn’t feel like they deserved that love.  You brought them together and somehow made their crazy disasters work together.  Separate they are just Travis “Maddog” Maddox and Abby “Pigeon” Abernathy but together, together they are a Beautiful Walking Disaster!