Until I Break by M. Leighton


Beautiful – 4 Stars – Damaged – 4 Stars – Raw – 4 Stars – Healing

Ena’s Thoughts……. 

Damaged – Harm or injury to property or a person, resulting in loss of value or the impairment of usefulness.

What can I say about the story of Samantha and Alec other than it was a powerful and raw emotion filled journey of two damaged souls coming together and healing each other.

Samantha lives the life of 2 separate people. In one aspect she is Laura Drake who is sexy, outgoing, outspoken, bold, fierce, lively, and beautiful. On the other hand she is Samantha who is shy, timid, innocent, scared, lifeless, damaged. She desperately wants to be Laura fulltime but her past and the demons that live there won’t seem to leave her. She carries around a heavy weight on her shoulders day in and day out. She wants to break free, she wants to feel alive and feel whole again and she puts her trust into Alec that he will set her free.

Alec Brand is a mystery to most. He lives with dark secrets that will haunt him for the rest of his life. He has a dark past and obsession that will eat away at his soul and leave him broken. He doesn’t feel worthy of being loved and doesn’t feel that he has love to give. He goes through his life not really living just existing that is until he meets Samantha. Something about her draws him in and holds him captive. He wants to fix her, to make her whole again. He knows that in the end he can help her but at the same time he knows he will hurt her. But what surprises him still is that there is a small chance that maybe Samantha can fix him, can make him whole again, can wash away the demons in Alec’s life that haunt him every day.
Two damaged souls that come together and hold the power to heal each other. Can Samantha and Alec find love within themselves and each other? Can Samantha love Alec even when his demons start coming back to haunt him? Can Alec fix Samantha without his heart falling for hers? This is a beautiful story that shows you even if you think are damaged and unfixable love is a powerful emotion. Love has the power to heal all wounds and mend broken hearts. Love has the ability to help release the demons that weigh us down and keep us from actually living. This is Samantha and Alec’s story, it may not be your hearts and flowers love story, but it’s theirs. It’s raw, emotional, tragic, and sometimes ugly. It’s also beautiful, heartwarming, healing, and powerful.

M. Leighton gives us their story, their love, their lives, their demons, their damaged souls and damaged hearts. She brings them together into one beautiful love story of healing.

I was all over the place during this book….One minute Alec had me feeling all sexy and shit making me feel like I could do this…

 And then other times the things he would say to Samantha made me so angry I wanted to…

 Samantha and Alec were made for each other and if Alec would let go of his past maybe he will see that. Maybe he will finally let someone love him and know that he is worthy of receiving love. He is also very capable of giving love. The connection between Samantha and Alec runs deep, they are more alike than they realize and if they would just allow themselves to be happy they could have it all. When they come together as one it would be like…..

Then there were parts where my eyes bulged and I was like….

The ending made me wanna do this…

Overall I think M. Leighton wrote a beautiful story about two damaged souls who deserved to be happy. Deserved to love and to be loved. I think she did a wonderful job and I am so grateful that she shared this story with us. I like how she stepped outside the box and took a chance with giving us a love story that’s not filled with hearts and flowers but with struggles and demons and in the end when you can finally be happy and know what true love is, it makes it that much sweeter, it makes it that much more beautiful and for that Michelle, I thank you!