Book Review – Unexpected Protector (Isthmus Alliance #2) by Sloan Johnson

Unexpected Protector Cover



Everyone makes mistakes in life. Unfortunately, Holly Richards has become an expert at taking the wrong path in life. This time, she may have gone so far that she has alienated the one person who has always been there for her. Will she be able to make the right decision for once in her life?

Tommy Reed’s world shifted the night he found Holly Richards lying in a pool of blood on the ground. For reasons he can’t explain, he feels the need to protect Holly from her own past. In the process, he’s hoping to also teach her that there is more to D/s than releasing pent up emotions.

Life isn’t easy for the former-junkie and the cop. Some of those closest to Tommy are less than thrilled with his devotion to Holly. Those who pressured Holly into her former life are worried she’ll share what she knows. Is there any way for both of them to come away from the situation unscathed?

Ena’s 5 Star Review:

I am going to dive right into this review! I loved Holly in Unexpected Angel – yes she messed up and betrayed the people who loved her the most but I saw a beautiful messed up woman who needed help and needed someone to fight for her no matter what. Drugs have a way of changing a person – turning them into someone you won’t recognize and with the right kind of love and determination that person can become the person she once was.

Unexpected Protector picks up where Unexpected Angel leaves off – battered and bruised Holly finds herself in the hospital hanging on to what’s left of her life. Thinking everyone that she loved yet betrayed would no longer be at her side she is craving something, needing someone. Life is about to throw her a very determined, very sexy man named Tommy that will stop at nothing to get her the help she needs. He will do whatever he can do to show her that she is worth so much more than she thinks she is yet he doesn’t know what is pulling him to her. He is entranced and captivated by everything that is Holly and he wants her in all the ways that scare him.

Sloan Johnson gave me such a beautiful love story and a story about finding who you truly are and fighting tooth and nail to achieve the life you want. Recovery isn’t easy but Holly is a fighter and she showed just how much she is willing to fight in Unexpected Protector.

Let’s not forget that Sloan cannot only bring out the frustrated side of me with her stories that leave me feeling…

But she sure knows how to get my juices flowing when she gives me all her sexiness in her stories too. The chemistry and the need that flows between Holly and Tommy were beyond sexy. She gave us so many moments that were slow and sensual like this…

Although Tommy knows how to be sweet and passionate he has a dominate side and he wants to explore so much of that with Holly. She is hesitant about a lot of the things he wants to share with her but he is patient and will wait until she is ready. You will get to see his dominate side and oh boy do I want his dominate side focused on me. As I am sitting here writing this I have a wonderful mental picture in my head that would go a little something like this…

My heart ached for Holly because of all the struggles she faced with getting clean and showing the people she hurt the most that she was trying. It wasn’t easy when there were people in her life that didn’t trust her and were waiting for her to screw up again. I found myself wanting her to show them all she could do it. She can fight her way back and make something of herself especially with Tommy at her side. Holly for sure made me proud of her and she put the biggest grin on my face…

Just when you think everything is running smooth and beautiful Sloan throws a curve ball that left me….

Will Holly fall back to her old life and ruin her future? Will Tommy let his fears stop him from having a future with Holly? Or will Holly fight to get her life back and find that Tommy is not someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with but also her one true Unexpected Protector……

Beautiful story Sloan! Can’t wait to get to know the other characters in the next book!