Book Review – Unexpected Angel (Isthmus Alliance #1) by Sloan Johnson


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Tasha Skinner finally shed the baggage of a failed marriage. Now, she’s looking forward to a night of margaritas and man-bashing. Tasha’s friends have other plans, including Leather, Lace and liberation.

Dylan Caprese didn’t want to go to Marquee, but he and his friends were on a mission. They took it upon themselves to make sure things didn’t get out of hand when wannabe Doms mixed alcohol with playtime at the monthly Leather and Lace night.

From the moment he set eyes on Tasha, he knew there was something different about her. She wasn’t some bondage babe who thought she knew what it meant to be into BDSM. She was much, much worse; she was innocent and trusting. He can tell she is something precious.

When Tasha’s past threatens to destroy her, Dylan begins to realize that while their paths have never crossed, their lives most definitely have. Will he be able to save her before it’s too late?


♦Ena’s 5 Star Review♦

Tasha Skinner is in a slump after finding out the love of her life cheated and is now living her life as a shell. With the help of her best friend Holly who drags her out to a club that has some extracurricular activities happening she meets Dylan Caprese and from there her world will spin off its axis and things that she had always considered taboo she will face front and center and learn a whole different side of Tasha Skinner.

Dylan Caprese is dark and sexy. With muscles that extend from the top of his head to the tips of his toes he is all male and has a dark and kinky side that he wants to explore with Tasha but not knowing if she is just too “innocent” for the things that excite him.

Will Tasha accept Dylan for all that he is and see where the undeniable attraction that is obvious to everyone will lead them? Or will Dylan’s kinks be too much to handle and cause her running the opposite way and at the same time causing a piece of Dylan’s heart to break, again….?

Oh wow, oh wow! Sloan Johnson brings us a book with not only extreme chemistry between the two main characters but a book with a whole new meaning of TIE ME UP! It’s hot, extreme, passionate, raw, emotional, and all sorts of kinky which is just the way I like it.

The story starts off at a wonderful pace because let’s face it, Dylan is an extreme guy and Tasha isn’t used to the feelings that are starting to work their way through her body. She is unsure of herself around Dylan because she is unsure of herself. So one innocent night and having fun with the girls will change the course of her life!

Shibari: means ‘tight binding’ Kinbaku-bi, which literally means ‘the beauty of tight binding’. Kinbaku is a Japanese style of bondage or BDSM which involves tying up the bottom using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope.

Sloan will bring us all things sexy step by step. There are things like this….

And moments like this…

Now even though Dylan is sweet and sexy and passionate he is also very dominate. He will tell you what he wants, when he wants it, how he wants it. (I would do whatever he wanted)

“I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an offer, Precious,” Dylan laughs. “But as usual, you seem to have issues following orders.” He lifts me off the car, landing a sharp smack on my butt.

(and Sloan will show us exactly what happens to use naughty girls)

“Precious, you know how I feel about you not answering my questions.” His free hand cups my cheek, turning me so I’m looking at him. “Now, would you like to answer or should I show you what happens to naughty girls who don’t do as they’re told?”

Tasha has some hesitation on trying new things that Dylan likes so she starts off small with a little bit of….

The chemistry between Dylan and Tasha grows stronger and stronger throughout Unexpected Angel and when Tasha starts to break out of her shell it doesn’t go unnoticed and when her past becomes her present things start to get interesting. Dylan will go through whatever he needs to, to protect Tasha and keep her as her own. She has opened up so much while being with Dylan, doing things that she would NEVER do before and he doesn’t want the lost girl he met at the club the first night to reappear. He likes the feisty, sexy, out spoken, stubborn Tasha and he won’t give her up without a fight.

Will Tasha face her past and leave it there and explore the future she could have with Dylan? Or will Dylan lose Tasha to her past because of the fears of who Dylan is and what he likes? Can Dylan make Tasha see that he is in this forever and wants everything with her and help her with her fears and maybe one day give him his biggest fantasy of Shibari?

Read Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson and find how a once innocent, unsure, woman can grow into a beautiful outspoken vixen and watch her discover her true self. Beautiful job Sloan – I loved every word of it – Dylan is SMEXY HOT and I can’t wait for Unexpected Protector.  And Dylan, why yes, yes you could totally do this to me any day of the week…. (wink)