Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan


There are no rules when it comes to love.  Love is not a reaction or an action; it is not a destiny or a choice.  Love is a feeling, a real, raw, and unscripted emotion so sensationally pure, unable to dull even under the strain of a world against it, strong enough to heal the broken and warm even the coldest of hearts. – Unbeautifully

Just when I thought the story of Deuce and Eva couldn’t be topped or equally matched, Madeline slaps me across the face with Unbeautifully, the story of Ripper and Danny; I am left speechless and in awe of her.

Unbeautifully is all sorts of ugly, raw, intense, cut throat, passionate, crazy, dark, and dangerous and all things knock you on your ass but loving every minute of it.  I was blown away with the story of Ripper and Danny.  I found myself sucked back into the world of bad biker boys, raw sex, and crazy woman, and what did I do?  I kicked up my feet put my hands behind my head and made myself at home.

Ripper is not your all American boy next door.  He is all sorts of fucked up inside and out.  Harboring scars both physically and mentally he doesn’t view the world as roses and sunshine.  He sees the world as ugly and bitter and going about life as a robot nothing and no one touching is soul in any way, shape or form.  He is passing his time until his life is over and he is okay with that.  He knows he is nothing special after what had happened to him, hell he even has a hard time looking at himself in the mirror.  But to one woman, one beautiful and forbidden girl he is beautiful, inside and out. Ripper is everything she wants but can’t have; until that one fateful night where emotions and desires will change the course of their lives forever and lead them on a crazy road of love and loss.

Danny “Danielle” West is Deuce’s daughter, which in turn means, she is untouchable for the boys in the club.  HANDS OFF! She is young, beautiful, smart, and isn’t blind to the real world.  She has grown up as the daughter of the president of a motorcycle club so she has seen ugly but somehow she also sees the beauty in everyone.  She wants what she wants, consequences be damned.  She wants Ripper and she wants him bad!  The connection between Ripper and Danny was strong and beautiful and something many people never get to experience and when you find that kind of connection you hold on tight and hope to hell you can survive the ride.

Ripper doesn’t see the beauty in himself that Danny does and he is thrown back on how a beautiful young thing like Danielle West can see anything beautiful in him.  He is thrown back by the emotions that are flowing off Danny and directed right at him.  He knows he shouldn’t cave into her desires but something inside him is pulling him towards her and a man is only so strong.

“Man like me got no business with a girl like you.  You’re nothin’ but fuckin’ beauty and I’m a whole lot of fuckin’ ugly who’s already halfway to hell.”

In Unbeautifully we also get more of Deuce and Eva’s story and I found myself hanging on every word wanting more of them.  Deuce sure does know how to piss a woman off one minute and have her creaming in her panties the next.  He was like a fucking pin ball machine in this book and confused and pissed the hell out of me.  He found himself in my naughty chair a few times throughout this book, but he also found himself in the holy wet panties he is dangerous delicious chair too.  Eva is still Eva, beautiful, and head over heels in love with her man.  My heart went out to her in this story and I found myself wanting to fix all her problems but I was happy with how she handled herself and where she ended up.

I was blown away with the story of Danny and Ripper – I couldn’t get enough, I found myself reading just a little bit longer to see what would happen next.  It’s a rollercoaster love story and the ride was fucking amazing!  The closer I got to the end the slower I read because I didn’t want their story to end, I wanted more, and I craved more.  The story tore me down and built me back up, over and over again!  It was kind of like a shampoo commercial. Wash, Rinse, Repeat but in a fucked up, beautiful, make you scream, and do a happy dance sort of way.  I wanted more!

Madeline rocked my world with Unbeautifully and now I am left wanting more.  Hands down the best book I have read to date.  She is amazing and kick ass.  Her stories are raw, intense, and sometimes ugly, but, they are real and if you look close enough they are beautiful.  Everyone deserves their happy ending, sometimes the ride getting there is flowers and sunshine, sometimes the ride is ugly and fucked up but what matters most is the ending result, the happy ending, the moment when you realize your reason for breathing and I am thankful that she shared her stories with us because in the end they are beautiful.  100 Stars!!!!!

Ours was the furthest thing from a picture-perfect romance; it was more of a car crash, a metal-bending, blood-splattered disaster that left no survivors, only bad memories and heartache. 

But it was ours.

And because it was ours…I wouldn’t change a thing. – Unbeautifully

So to you Madeline:  Clap