Two Doms For Angel (Club El Diablo) by Holly Roberts


Two Doms for Angel is a stand alone book though it has one scene at Club El Diablo.

Zachery: Former Marine, swat commander, and hero hunk with an erotic edge.

Angel: Rescued after being tortured by white slavers. Her haunted eyes beg two men for love.

Monroe: Lethal killer and mysterious Shibari artist in love with two special people. But, can they return what he needs to save his dark soul?

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, strong language, content that may be objectionable to some but perfect for others. M/F/M, menage, BDSM, bondage, voyeurism and luscious male bodies at work.


Ena’s Review:

If you are looking for a dark and sexy read this is a great book.  If you are into reading about sexy dominance and BDSM look no further.  Holly brings us a seductive read that gives us everything we want.  The progression of the story takes place over several years and shows how the characters feelings and emotions grow towards each other.  It’s beautiful and raw; an emotional read that will have you wanting more.

Zach reminded me of a lost soul walking aimlessly through life not being true to the person he is deep down inside.  An ex Marine whose life was saved by an unknown savior has turned toward law enforcement to occupy his life.  Not having any type of serious relationship with anyone he seems lost and lonely.  Knowing deep down his wants and desires are considered taboo he channels those and keeps them buried and locked deep down inside him.  After meeting Monroe the man who will have Zach coming out of his darkness and showing him that his wants and desires are not as taboo as he thinks his life will never be the same.  Zach’s life continues to be lonely after having to leave the force due to an injury, and giving him nothing to occupy his days or lonely nights.

Monroe a master of binding in his own right is passionate about his creations.  He has practiced Shibari for many years and BDSM is his life.  He doesn’t hide who he is and is very open about everything he wants and needs.  When first meeting Zach so many years ago he knew there was something special about him that he needed, wanted.  He followed Zach’s life in the background and knew everything there was to know about him.  After meeting several times throughout the years Monroe has called Zach needing his help. Sense he doesn’t have a job he agrees to travel to Monroe’s estate and help him with his art and anything else his friend may need, what he doesn’t know is that his world is about to flip on its axis and everything he thought he knew is about the change.

The loops of the rope began unwrapping. “I will ask you to be completely nude when you are ready, but I will never betray your trust.  Zach.  This will not work if you cringe when my fingers graze your body.  Get used to it.”

Monroe is a man with many needs.  (In walks Angel) Angel who is submissive to the very core needs things that most people will never understand.  Monroe is her master and she is his slave.  Everything they do, she wants, having her own dark secret past has made her the person she is today.  There is so much love flowing between Monroe and Angel that you can’t help but smile.  Although I don’t quite understand why she wants to live that type of lifestyle – she is happy with Monroe and he treats her well.  In the beginning of the story she is very timid but you watch her grow into this beautiful strong woman who is no longer haunted by the demons of her past.  Monroe has brought Zach to his home not only because she wants him to model for his shows but he needs someone to stay with Angel while he is away on business and the only person he trusts is Zach.

“Yes, I am. I’ll be answering questions and showing basic binding techniques afterwards.  I would very much appreciate your help with Angel.  She is very needy after a scene and I don’t trust her with anyone else.  Her eyes will be covered during the demonstration.  You shouldn’t remove the blindfold until she begins responding to you again.  Also, I think this will put you more in my corner when it comes to staying here and caring for her.”

After meeting Angel for the first time it’s like the he is seeing his past and future in one.  The wind is knocked out him and he can’t pull his eyes off hers.  She is simply beautiful and he doesn’t agree with a lot of her and Monroe’s relationship especially since there is a spark that is growing inside him and him wanting to be with her in every way imaginable.  He is dominating and he wants to dominate her in the bedroom and she is more than willing to give him everything he wants.  It’s her job to please him in any way he wants and she is a very eager student.

“You will not touch me without permission.  You will not touch yourself.  When is this bedroom, you will be completely naked.  When in the house but out of this bedroom, you will go without underwear.  I may or may not allow you understand when we leave the house.  If you have any problems with the rules at this point, please say so because your delectable ass will carry my handprint if you don’t object to these rules now and then you break them.  Objections?”

Angel loves two men in different ways but their connections are strong.  Monroe has loved Zach for a long time and knowing Zach’s past he knows what he needed, he needed Angel.  After spending time with Angel, Zach finds himself wanting to take Angel away and keep her to himself – he can’t deny he has loved this woman for a long time.  He has been secretly looking for his Angel to save him and now that he has found her he doesn’t want to let her go.  But she loves Monroe and there is no way Zach, Angel, and Monroe could work together, could they?

“My feelings go past sexual, Zach. They always have.  You’re the one who insists on putting love in a box.  I rescued Angel for you, but then she rescued me.  I have no plants to give her up.”

“Then I should leave.”

“And that’s always been your answer. You run.”

“What exactly do you want from me?”

“That’s easy.”

Will Angel stay with her master who rescued her from her dark world and loved her in spite of her past and shames?  Will Zach be able to share Angel with Monroe knowing that he has loved her for a long time and wants her for himself?  Will Monroe be able to help Zach open up and finally admit to who he is and what he wants?  Can the three work together and live life happy and will Monroe and Zach be Two Doms for Angel?

Holly thank you so much for letting me read and review this story – I loved it.  It gave me an insight on a BDSM relationship and how sometimes love doesn’t always make sense and sometimes you have to look outside the box to discover who you really are.  Love is beautiful in every form and if you find that you hold onto with everything inside you.

The scenes are sexy and intense and very satisfying.  The characters are open and left bared for judgment and you find yourself falling in love with them.  The story is raw and emotional and leaves you wanting Zach, Monroe, and Angel to get their happily ever after.  The all have their own pasts and those pasts have brought them together and they learn how to heal each other in a delicious way.  I can’t get over how sexy Holly’s stories are and I can’t wait to read the next one!    Oh how I love a dominate man – sending tingles to all my girlie parts.

They pulled up into the driveway and he grabbed her hair as soon as he shut off the engine.  “In the playroom, naked, over the spanking bench.  If you disobey I won’t let you come until tomorrow. Understood?”

Pure excitement shown on her face and “Yes, Sir” came out on a sigh.