Truth (Consequences Series #2) by Aleatha Romig

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Claire Nichols endured the CONSEQUENCES of Anthony Rawlings’ vendetta. 
When she first arrived to his home, her goal was survival. Through strength and compartmentalization Claire captivated her captor. Her resilience in the face of his rule threatened Anthony’s well developed plan. Domination became desire and power turned to love. 
Their passion and adoration in a world of opulence appeared perfect. Yet, reality was a roller coaster of emotion. Claire’s world teetered on the edge of sanity as Antony monitored her every move. When given the opportunity to flee, Claire drove away. A fateful decision which set a well laid plan into motion. 
However, unbeknownst to either of them, there were others who saw past the perfect facade of Anthony Rawlings. There were others who saw the TRUTH. Conspiracy and unfulfilled promises result in an early prison release for Claire. Not just a release – a pardon. According to the law, her crime never happened! 
Will it be that easy? Faced with freedom from her past… can Claire seize it? Can she build a new life, mend her broken spirit, become the woman she once was, and seek her own revenge? Or is it all a game? And does the game master have different plans?
How does Sophia Burke fit into the puzzle that is Tony and Claire? Will her presence affect the future of this well esteemed man? Can he dominate twice? Is that his goal? 
TRUTH continues the tumultuous saga of CONSEQUENCES, introduces new players, and uncovers more intrigue. Aleatha Romig skillfully weaves past transgressions through current deception to create a fervent world of obsessed desire. In this reality can an all-consuming relationship survive? 
When buried sins are discovered they threaten not only Tony and Claire’s future — but their very lives! Will the TRUTH be revealed in time?

♦Ena’s 5 Star What the Hell Just Happened Thoughts♦

HOLY MIND FUCK! So at the end of Consequences I couldn’t STAND Anthony Rawlings – like I really wanted to chop his berries off and feed them to him. So I went into Truth with an open mind (sorta) and decided to see if my view on Tony would change. I kicked and screamed the whole way because I didn’t want him to win – because it seems he always did in Consequences. I wanted to hate him as much as I did in Consequences but damnit if he didn’t win…So I don’t HATE him anymore – now don’t go jumping up and down saying “I told ya so, I told ya so”, even though I don’t hate him I don’t love him either. The things he did in Consequences I just can’t look past. With that being said…

I think that Claire in Truth really stepped outside of her shell and decided she wasn’t going to be the victim anymore. She was going to stand up, dust herself off, and create a life with herself after Tony. She was determined to get herself back and be happy again. Her attitude in this book made me giddy and excited and finally I was able to breathe. She left me giving her many of these….

“It seems you have lost the ability to perceive meaning. Good bye means this conversation is over. For the record, that includes future conversations. I’m sure you remember, once a discussion is closed, reopening it is not an option.”

Finally I was able to say…..

 HELL YES | Victory Baby

So you know that Tony makes his appearance in Truth and being the ever so confident and determined man that he is, he will stop at nothing to get Claire back even though she clearly wants nothing to do with him. There are twists and turns around every corner that left me….

…..She would accept help, but without a doubt, Tony’s phone call cemented her resolve – Mr. Anthony Rawlings had a lesson to learn and Claire claimed the role as teacher.


Oh and throughout all this mess you will meet Harry (Swoooooonnnnnn Worthhhhhyyyy)….Yes I fell in love with Harry from the start. There was something about him that made me want him to win the heart of Claire of show her how a man treats a woman right. He was caring and concerned without being controlling. He was passionate without smothering and he always wanted to see a geuine smile on Claire’s face.

…..Between kisses he showered her with adoration and compliments, “You’re amazing.” “Your skin is so soft.” “I want you so much.”

Aleatha brought so many new characters to life in this book that my head was consistently swinging from side to side trying to figure out Mrs. Romig’s mind and how what would happen next, sadly, I was thrown for more loops than I could count. Aleatha gave us….

And some of the stuff she gave us in Truth had me wanting to do this….

Oh, oh and then there were a bunch of times that I found myself doing….

…..The inferno wasn’t frightening; it fueled her desire. His low growl became more demanding, “you are mine.”

So with everything that we know from Consequences the truth slowly starts coming out and you start putting the old pieces and the new pieces of the puzzle together and you have everything worked out in your mind on what you think really happened and you think is about to happen but of course Aleatha wouldn’t be the mastermind that she is if it was that easy. You think you know but you have NO idea. At the end of Truth when everything I had figured out just about all came crashing down and I was once again smacked across the face and told the WAKE UP! Aleatha left me with my mind blown….

I can’t begin to express how amazing this story is. I can’t wrap my brain around how a person could create such powerful characters and such an amazing story line that will literally mess with your head on every page. After finishing up Truth all I can say is that I need Conviction like yesterday because there is so much more to this puzzle that I need to know and I am sure Aleatha will blow my mind again.

Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many. The intelligence of a few, perceives what has been carefully hidden. – Roman poet Phaedrus