Travis (Alluring Indulgence 3) by Nicole Edwards


♀ Synopsis ♂

Travis Walker, the oldest of the seven Walker brothers, has been referred to as moody and mysterious, and for the most part, he would agree. Until recently, he spent his days helping his brothers run the family business. Now, he dedicates his time and energy to building a resort, Alluring Indulgence, that caters to fetishes and fantasies. And despite his attempt to work himself into the ground, Travis has never denied – at least not to himself – that something is missing. 

Ten years ago, Travis made the hardest decision of his life, breaking his own heart in the process. A decade later, he is learning that life has a strange way of turning things upside down before placing the pieces exactly where they were meant to go?

♀ Nicole’s 5 Star Thoughts ♂

We get brought back Into the walkers life where we last left off, I believe Travis had Gage up against a wall right?

I’m picking up where I left off”  – Travis  (umm yes please!!)

“And you pick now to do this”  – Gage

“It will happen again, I told you that” – Travis  (ohhhhh please let it happen again)

So these two are at it again. Not that I mind. We find out that Gage has been looking for some dirt on Travis and what he finds is a Country Housebeautiful woman named Kylie. Love that name.  These two seem to really hit it off well. Except she’s married to Travis. Interesting right I thought so as well.

“Another giddy feeling erupted in her belly,and she followed the strength of his fingers enveloping her hand. That protective feeling enveloped her again.she had no idea hat it was about this man,but it just felt…..right” ~ Kylie

Well I couldn’t blame her Gage is yum on a stick, but what happens when he doesn’t tell you the whole truth. He shocks her by showing up where he knew Travis would be. Here comes the roller coaster of emotions. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to punch Gage or give him a big kiss smack dab right on the lips.

“The second there eyes collided he knew he was in deep shit”  – Gage  (you don’t say !!!)

Well as u can see the roller coaster takes a bit of a dip. In natural walker fashion Travis is Travis the silent brooding type, Gage will push any button he can and Kylie, well I must say she surprised me every turn of the page. She is quite  the firecracker. Does she know what she getting herself into and will it be enough?

King Size Bed“Whatever it is you want, whatever it is you need, I suggest you go after it, sitting back pretending otherwise will get you nowhere in life boy, and if you ever need to talk about anything you know your mother and I will listen” Curtis

Well if that isn’t a mental kick the ass Travis needed. This is where I fell in love with Curtis, I want to live with the walker family. I mean wouldn’t you seven hot cowboys…. no brainier.

Can true love be found? Can broken hearts be mended? Read to find out Travis’s story and found out why you’ll need to stock up on Duracell batteries after this steamy read!!

And in true Nicole Edwards fashion she didn’t disappoint! this was quite the story and her longest book I might add which I was happy about because I couldn’t put it down nor did I want to. This is why I girl crush on her she know how to give her fans what they want, with a great story that pulls you in and makes you want to be part of the walker family. not to mention she does tie in some characters from her other series Club Destiny. I won’t name names you’ll just have to read it and find out.
Well done Nicole !!!