Three of Spades by W. Ferraro

4.5 Stars

Reviewed by M. Leigh


W. Ferraro has done it again. I was very much looking forward to reading this book after finishing the previous book, Three of Hearts, and I was NOT disappointed.

Dylan Cross is you typical well established, rich, sexy as sin bachelor that is only looking for a good time. He has absolutely no interest in finding “the one” or anything even close to that. He’s the love them, and leave them type of guy. That is until he, literally, bumps in to Natalie Parker. He could have never prepared himself for the type of proposition that Natalie approaches him with. Nor could he have been any more prepared for the way she would turn his life, and his heart upside down and inside out, bringing things out in him that he never knew he could have, much less could want.

Natalie Parker is your average, everyday “plain Jane” Kindergarten teacher. At least, that’s how she viewed herself. Hiding behind and underneath her baggy clothes and oversized glasses is a soul that just wants to please everyone, especially her terminally ill mother, as well as  heart as big as you can get. Natalie never imagined she would have what it takes to make someone like Dylan Cross fall in love with her, but when she does, will she allow her self-deprecating and low self-esteem stand in the way of her much deserved happily ever after?

You can’t help but love each and every one of these characters in this book, from the main character to all of the supporting characters (with the exception of Natalie’s brothers). While predictable, the love story develops and unfold nicely, allowing you to build a fondness of the characters. You’re rooting for the underdog, Natalie, to find what her heart so desires. While knowing Dylan’s past as a playboy, you still love him and know that, deep down, he’s able to give Natalie what her heart desires, and in the end, it’s what his heart desires also. Although Dylan Cross is painted as the light-hearted, egotistical, gift-to-all-women, playboy in the previous book, Three of Hearts, he mans up and takes his “assignment” seriously and in the end is rewarded with far more than he ever expected- a life full of love, and a family he would go to the ends of the earth for.

Three cheers to W. Ferraro. Again, I eagerly await the 3rd book in this series, Three of Diamonds, portraying Wes’ and Lola’s story. Thank you for another wonderfully romantic read.