This Love of Mine by Amanda Bennett

Kayla James (KJ) needed an escape.  An escape from the world she has known for longer than she cares to remember.  An escape from the physical and emotional abuse she has suffered over the years from the hands of the people who were supposed to love and protect her the most.

Madison Raine is spending the last summer at his grandparent’s farm in Texas before venturing off to college in Arizona to start his life.  Growing up without parents he has to rely on himself and it’s his time to start his life and become the man he wants to become.

KJ leaves her dysfunctional world behind to venture to the one place she has always felt safe; her grandparents farm in Texas.  She will battle with herself to open her heart again to the people around her.  She wants to feel safe, to feel alive, and feel loved for the first time in a long time.

KJ meets Madison and from that point on there is something there – they both feel it.  Can Kayla open her heart again and let Madison in?  Will Madison feel for Kayla and decide to stay in Texas and not head off to Arizona?  Or will their pasts and planned futures stand in their way?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ena’s 4 1/2 Star Thoughts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This was a beautiful story by Amanda Bennett.  It was much different than any of her work I have read in the past.  This story follows a young girl, KJ, has she embarks on a new journey to a better and safer life at her grandparents farm in Texas.  She will than meet the “cowboy”, Madison Raine, who will have her getting weak in the knees and butterflies in her tummy.

I fell in love with Kayla from the very first page! Even though life dealt her a shitty hand she knew she wanted more out of life.  She wanted to feel safe and loved and she knew getting out of the shit hole she was living at was her only chance.  KJ is a little scared and timid and rough around the edges but she wants to make something of herself.  She wants to make her own way in the world and not follow her mother’s footsteps.

“Kay, the only thing I can tell you is to hold onto your cowboy boots, because I’m pretty sure he is going to take you for one hell of a ride.”

Oh and then there is sexy cowboy boy Madison Raine (give me a minute)………………………..Okay now that I haven’t gotten myself under control let me tell you a little bit about Madison Raine.  Well first off, not only does he have a to die for body, he is a gentleman, in a band, jock, smart, funny, sexy as sin, respectful, basically the total package wrapped up and tied with a nice bow that you can bring home to momma.

The two being their “summer romance” off with not wanting to admit to each other their attraction and it slowly goes downhill from there.  Neither of them can stand to not be around the other but life and circumstance can either make them or break them.

“You know I can’t, cowboy.  As much as I wish I could, I just can’t.”

I love this “couple” there is so much passion between them and love is obviously blooming but life isn’t fair, sometimes you don’t get what you deserve or what you want.  Sometimes timing is bad and fate has other things in store.  Beautiful story about 2 young hearts that want something so much but life and circumstances are always getting in the way.

“Damn it Kayla, I deserve YOU!  What part of that don’t you get?  I’m practically begging you to give me a chance.” I pushed my hands back through my hair trying to regain my composure. 

“Please Kayla, just stay.  Stay with me for another week and then we can figure this all out. Don’t leave me, not now, not after what just happened.”

The past can never really stay in the past, can it?  Sometimes our demons will find us and try and take every last ounce of happiness we have left.  They will suck the life out of us and leave us empty.  Will Kayla get her “cowboy”? Or will her demons from her past find her and take everything away that she has grown to love?

Maybe one day, one day he will know how I felt and only then will I truly feel free.  In all myblackness, I just wanted him.  I wanted my cowboy. – This Love of Mine

This is different than any other stories that Amanda Bennett has written, and I loved it!  I cannot wait for Book 2 in The Raine Series to come out and continue with this beautiful love story about growing up and learning to trust and love again!!!  Great job Amanda!!!