This Heart of Mine (Raine Series #3) by Amanda Bennett


*This is the third and final book in The Raine Series. WARNING contains mature content and language

Kayla seems to have it all. She has a wonderful man who would go to the ends of the earth for her and a family that seems to support her regardless of the consequences.
But is it enough to help her face her demons and to truly find happiness within her heart?

Madison never thought he would be faced with so many life altering decisions at such a young age. he wants to do right by Kayla and his family, but when old wounds reopen he finds himself questioning every choice he has ever made.

Life isn’t all it seems for these two and they’re coming to the realization that there will always be someone wanting to come along and destroy it all.

Will following her heart prove to be the right decision, or will it be the one thing that could make the only man she’s ever loved, say good-bye for good?


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~~Ena’s 3 1/2 Star Thoughts~~

This Heart of Mine picks up where This Trust of Mine leaves off and wraps up the Raine Series.  It’s a beautiful ending to a beautiful journey for Madison Raine and Kayla James.  If you have NOT read This Love of Mine and This Trust of Mine please DO NOT read this review!

Can two people really take much more than what Madison and Kayla have already been through?  The death of Kayla’s mother, the death of Madison’s grandfather, and Wren visiting Kayla and causing so much harm into her heart and soul?

Well of course they can right?  Amanda does it again as she brings her characters front and center to face the people who have hurt them the most in their lives.  Old wounds will be cut open with fresh blood, new bonds will form, and people will pay for their past.

Madison Raine is still the same sexy cowboy we fell in love with from the start.  He is country down to the bone with a lot of good in him and a little bad boy on the side.  He loves his pretty girl, Kayla, with every ounce of his being and will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe, happy, and lives a long life – even if that means giving up his own.  He would do anything to protect her and their unborn child.

“You’re my heart, Kayla.  You’re my reason for breathing.”

Kayla is still her spunky self – very out spoken and doesn’t take any bullshit from Madison or anyone.  She loves Madison but she is her own person and she is strong and independent person.  She is feisty and vibrant and has learned to grab life and enjoy the ride for as long as she is on it.

“Are you serious right now?  You need to stop being so damn overprotective.  You know I’m with you, Joey and I are just friends.  If you can’t understand that, then we are goin’ to have some major issues, cowboy.  You got me?”

Kayla James (KJ) loves Madison without reservation.  She would do anything to put a smile on her cowboys face and will go against evil to make sure it stays there.  KJ hasn’t lived a picture perfect life with a drugged out abusive mother and an ex-boyfriend who is the scum of the Earth, she never had it easy.  She has scars that will forever live inside her but Madison has helped her want to live again, he has helped her love again and has shown her how to accept love into her heart.  He is her best friend and soul mate and is terrified of losing the only love she has ever known to the evil of their past.  Kayla proves in this story that she is willing to fight and go up against any obstacle to get the life she deserves and protect the people she loves dearly.

The taste of salt and metal flooded my mouth as the blood poured out of it continuously.  This was it.  This was my end.  My entire life flashed before my eyes, playing out in slow motion.  I blinked a few times and then everything went black.  My last thoughts were of Kayla.  Kayla and our unborn child that I would never see again. –This Heart of Mine

If you have read This Love of Mine and This Trust of Mine then you NEED to finish out the series with This Heart of Mine.  You need to experience what true love is and what some people will go through and what some give up in order to have it.  Amanda gave us a beautiful love story that two people fought to have when it seemed like the world was against them.   Kayla knew that as long as the world had her cowboy than her heart was okay, and Madison knew his world wouldn’t be complete without his pretty girl.


 ~Overall Series Rating: 3 beautiful love story stars~