The Killer Next Door Full Series by Carlie Sexton

Full Series Review by Amanda

FFYFallen For You by Carlie Sexton 4 Stars

As I first sat down and began reading Part 1 of The Killer Next Door series, I figured this was going to be like all other books.  A little bit of suspense and someone falling in love!  I was definitely wrong!  After a slightly slow start, I really got into the book and was so anxious for Part 2 when I finished!  It is told in third person, so that can sometimes get confusing because there are so many characters thrown at you.  But I felt that in this case it was great to be able to get to know the different feelings of all the characters.
Kate Simmons and her best friend Charlie are moving into an apartment together.  Kate has had an emotional last few years of her life.  She lost her first love and since then has quit school, been living with her mother, and not given a second look to any man. But now she feels she is ready to move forward and that begins with going back to college and finding the perfect apartment. Upon returning to school she meets these two sexy and amazing men, both of whom are very interested in her.  What she doesn’t expect is that her next door neighbor also wants her attention!  Kate must figure out who she wants and can trust, while also doing well in school and working.  But will she choice to open up the right person, or will her decision be deadly?
This book will definitely grab your attention and have you wanting more when you finish.  So don’t stop reading, it picks up and you won’t be able to put it down!

Taken By You by Carlie Sexton 4 1/2 Stars

If you had a book hangover from the cliffhanger after Part 1… then you will be dying after reading Part 2!!!  Taken For You had me just
TBYsitting staring at my Kindle when I finished! (OMG, what just happened) I was so thankful that unlike so many others I had Part 3 waiting for me because I HAD to know how it all ended!!!  Carlie Sexton knocked it out of the park with this book… I was addicted from the first page!!!
Part 2 in The Killer Next Door series picks up right where you left off in Fallen For You (Part 1).  Kate has decided to move in with Neil and luckily Roger is currently out of the country (but not for long).  Kate is still struggling with her emotions and now her father has passed away.  Neil is SO supportive to Kate.  It is so sweet how he is with her!  But when Kate finds out he hasn’t been completely honest with her about his past, she must decide if it is something she can get past and be able to move forward with their relationship.  But you can never get too comfortable.  When Roger returns with his son and ex with him everyone assumes he is over Kate, but she is still the one he is obsessed with!  How far will his infatuation go?
You must read this series!  Part 2 has a serious cliff hanger but I am sure it will all be worth it in the end!  Loved this book!

GTYGiven To You by Carlie Sexton 4 Stars

THANK GOODNESS!  We finally get to know what will happen after that killer cliff hanger in Part 2!!!  Hopefully you have all read Part 2 and know that while Kate is on her romantic scavenger hunt from Neil, she is kidnapped by Roger!  And that is where Given To You picks up…
Kate knows that the only way she is going to survive is by paying attention to Roger and doing everything she can to distract him from what he ultimately wants… HER!  She has him talking about his childhood, making sure his son is taking care of, and just about anything to delay him from his goal!  The glimpse you get about his childhood makes you completely understand just how INSANE he really is and why.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time begging for something to distract him….
I am dying for you all to know how it ends, but I don’t want to give too much away and ruin it for you!  But I will say if you are hoping there is more of the romantic side of Neil in this book… you will get your wish!  I loved him and how he was with Kate! “Oh, baby,”… “you’ve had my heart from the moment we met.  No one else in the world would do after that.”  The only thing that disappointed me a little bit was the abrupt ending.  I wanted more!!!  Everything seemed very condensed and hurried, but the overall story is GREAT!  I would definitely say that this series is worth your time if you love a thrilling book that keeps you on your toes but also has a great love story inside!!!  Can’t wait for more from this debut Author!