The Dark Prince by S.L. Jennings

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5 Dark, Sexy, Out of this world stars

Gabriella is in love, in love with a man of the Dark, a man that is not at all who she thought he was. Dorian Skotos was sent to do a job, a job in which he finds harder to complete than originally thought.  The Dark isn’t suppose to love, they aren’t built to know how to but for Dorian he knows he is indeed in love with Gabriella Winters which makes what he was sent to do almost unbearable.   As her 21st birthday quickly approaches Dorian has no choice but to complete his task but when confronted about his lies the truth of their feelings come out and throws his mission to the wind.  He wants Gabs, and he will stop at nothing to get her.

But powers greater than them have other things in mind and will stop at nothing to tare Dorian and Gabs apart and with the unknown killer still unknown and still on the loose the obstacles that are thrown at them start to proof too much for their love.  Hearts and broken, tears are shed and lives are changed forever.  Old loves will blossom while new loves die.  When Gabriella descends will she choose the Dark or will she choose the Light.  Will see get her Dark Prince or will he forever be her first and only love.  The one love she so desperately wanted but the one love she could never have again because of what he was and what she was not.  Continue the journey of Gabriella Winters and her journey to find her reason for living.

I loved Dark Light and I couldn’t wait to continue Gabriellas and Dorians story – I knew what I wanted to happen and boy was I shocked.  In The Dark Prince there were twists and turns thrown into the story that had my head spinning and me wanting more.  If having Dorian means going to the Dark side well consider me the first in line to join because that man is H-O-T and he can RUIN me whenever and wherever he sees fit.   Her imagination knows no bounds and she has no limits.  It amazes me how a person could dream or think of a story like this, it’s very well written and the scenes are described to perfection so you can actually put yourself there in the book – as trust me I have done it on many scenes where I was Gabriella :)…

I understand Gabriella and her struggles to love again and doing everything she can to mend her broken heart but Dorian will always and forever be her first love and we all know you never really get over your first love, they will always hold a piece of your heart.  Jared is still the sexy boy next door and comes into save the day when Gabriella needs him and I found myself leaning towards TEAM JARED (I want to corrupt him).  I did get a little frustrated with Dorian in this book – he was a very very bad boy and I put him in time out a few times but in the end he ended up redeeming himself so now I am like, SHIT..TEAM DORIAN? or TEAM JARED?…Ugh and than there is Niko (oh yes you too will fall in love with Niko too)  So now I am at the point of TEAM DORIAN, TEAM JARED, and TEAM NIKO – I can share, my momma taught me how….(ymmmmm Dorian naked hovering over me, while Jared is nibbling my ear lobe, and Niko is rubbing my feet)

OH SHIT – Sorry I was daydreaming there..

Okay back to my thoughts on The Dark Prince – basically it had it all: love, betrayal, heartache, suspense, murder, dark, light, raw, emotional, intense, sexy, steamy and HOLY HELL the hot men!!! I loved, loved, loved this book… I adore S.L. Jennings, her creative mind works wonders and she surely shows it in this series.  She pulls you in from the very beginning and leaves you wanting more and more with every page you turn.  This woman is a genius when she puts words onto paper and I am eagerly awaiting her next book.  If you loved Dark Light than of course you will love The Dark Prince even more – Gabriella and Dorian’s story was crazy before well it just got bat shit crazy in The Dark Prince.