The Cirque by Ryann Kerekes

17312409 New adult romance set at the circus!!!!

First off this is a very different book than others. This is a story between a girl who is lost, with no direction trying to find her purpose in life. Who stops doing something that came so naturally to her, but just wasn’t what she wanted to be. He was the Bad Boy running from the law, had a hidden past, but wasn’t afraid to be what he was. So she joined the Cirque looking for something to do till her parents came back from out of town. Prim and Proper parents she had. Who she thought was going to be very unforgiving when she got fired from her job in the Ballet.

She meets Gabriel, the knife throwing, dark, distant guy. Holy Swoon! Tattooed, scared with piercing sky-blue eyes, and dishelved hair you would just want to run your hands through! He was quiet and untrusting of those that would walk in and out of his life. Since all he knew was unwant and people always left him. He didn’t want to get too close.

Then boy meets girl, or girl meets boy and you can actually feel the electricity in the air while you are reading this. I got goose-bumps, and this spark I felt all the way down to my toes! He is very standoffish with her and she desperately tries to get his attention. She never knew she had it all along. She makes mistakes, but who doesn’t when you are finding your life meaning.

That is about as far as I will go with this description. I will not give any more away. This book will break you down then build you back up better than where the pieces were before! I swooned, I loved, I cried, I also almost threw my Kindle against the wall when things were not going as smoothly as I wanted for them. But that is the best part. You have to have the fall out before you get the end result. This end result was PERFECT! My heart is whole again filled with love that is now overflowing! Definitely recommend this book to others!!!!

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