The Agreement by S.E. Lund


“A letter to my sub:

You trust me completely to know what you need. And I do know what you need. I know what to whisper in your ear to make you need me even more. I know how to touch, where to touch, when to touch.

I know you.

You can relax completely with me. You can feel everything possible with me. You can respond with total abandon with me.

That is what I most desire.”

~~Nicole’s 4 Star Thoughts~~

Kate McDermott: graduate student, smart, beautiful
Drake Morgan: MD, neurosurgeon, bass player, philanthropist sexy mysterious

What happens when your social circle collides? well, that’s just what happens to Kate a graduate student doing research on BDSM. While she is waiting to meet the Dom who will introduce her to the lifestyle. Little does Kate know that it’s her fathers closest friends son Drake. Kate is embarrassed by the thought of anyone knowing what she’s researching he comes Mr. tall dark and handsome and he knows her father. This is where they decide on a carefully worded agreement to keep there emotions for each other in check can the agreement hold up or will there undeniable desire for each other win ?

“Sounds pretty boring in comparison to exploring why woman are so excited at the prospect of submitting to a dominant man who knows how to release her inhabitions” ~ Drake The Agreement

This was not your normal love story but man it takes you on a ride. I love a story like this one because it makes you want to turn the page and say oh my gosh what’s going to happen next. Such a great read. I found myself cheering for drake then cheering for kate.Very education through the eyes of someone who like BDSM. I call this the BDSM bible, but it’s the true emotion flowing from these characters that have u hooked. Love it can’t wait to read more from this author.