Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander


~~Ena’s Hot, Steamy, Tempting 5 Star Thoughts~~

WOW of WOW! So I was given this book for an honest review and well honestly I loved it.  I couldn’t get enough of Kitt Kelly and Austin Grainger.  Those two heartthrob cowboys will be forever engraved into my mind and heart.

I know a lot of people shy away from reading anything that is male/male and to be honest I think that is a shame because they are truly missing out on a beautiful love story of two men who are tired of hiding who they truly are and after finding each other become strong enough as a couple that they want to shout their love for each other from the rooftops.

Kitt Kelly is your everyday cowboy.  After taking ownership of his late father’s farm he works from sun-up to sundown 7 days a week and doesn’t complain.  He keeps himself busy with plowing the fields, feeding the animals and taking care of his stepmom and 2 younger sisters.  From the outside looking in he leads a wonderful life. He has great friends, a family that loves him, honest day of work, and the respect of the people around him.  Kitt is hiding who he truly is from everyone, a gay cowboy in a small town Texas town wouldn’t go over quit well in his mind so he keeps that secret of his sexuality to himself and I could see it from the beginning that it was breaking his heart not feeling he was able to be himself.  So in order to sooth his lonely nights for a little male affection he travels back and forth to Dallas once in a while to get his special needs taken care of by the only man who knows his true self, Sean.  After being in a “relationship” with Sean for many years, Sean starts to want more from Kitt, he wants to be in a true relationship but Kitt just isn’t sure if he is ready for that so he decides to take a break.   Needing to make some quick cash to send his baby sister off to college, Kitt secretly sells a piece of the family farm to an interested city boy and that act will change Kitts life forever.

Austin Grainger is a sexy, charming, and worldwide famous Actor who wants to leave the Hollywood scene behind and start his life over in the small town of Texas he grew up in.   After spending so many years in the spotlight and under the watchful eyes of every newspaper, magazine and tabloid known to man he craves solidarity and quietness.  Austin wants to escape to a place where he will be treated just like any regular guy and finally can be who he truly is deep down inside.  Hiding his sexuality from the world for so many years he is just burnt out and wants to finally start living a life he will enjoy and he finds that buying a huge farm in small time town Texas where he grew up will give him everything he so desperately craves.  What Austin doesn’t know is that the seller of the land, Kitt, will come into his life and have Austin craving more than just peace and quiet.

Can Kitt finally be who he truly is and not worry about what everyone else around him will think?  Can Austin really leave Hollywood behind and start a new life in Texas?  Will the chemistry between Kitt and Austin turn into more than just lust?  And when true feelings and heart start to come into their relationship can Kitt and Austin keep their relationship under wraps or will their story be exposed and jeopardize everything Kitt has worked so hard to achieve?

So where do I begin.  First off I want to say thank you to Kindle for letting me read and review Texas Pride, this is my very first strictly male/male romance reads.  I have read a bunch that were ménage but this is the first every just male/male and what a way to be introduced to this type of read.  I couldn’t put it down.  Kindle did such a wonderful job on showing you that love is beautiful no matter the gender.  The story was so well written my heart melted for Kitt and Austin.

I love Austin, because he was ready to quit hiding who he truly was from the world.   It didn’t bother him if people found out that he was gay and had been since he was young.  He had spent so much of his life hiding that he was ready to come out but after meeting Kitt he knew in order to have him he would have to hide just until Kitt was ready to come out.  Austin is passionate and romantic and so very sexy.

“I want you to want me.” Austin said the sweet confession so plainly.  “I wanted you to come for me.  It’s the only reason I wasn’t at your door last night.”

Austin held my heart from the very beginning.  He always knew the right things to say to Kitt and the oh so right things to do to drive Kitt insane.  He has such a huge heart and I think he was just looking for someone to love him for who he truly is.  Someone that he didn’t have to hide from, that he could be 100% who he was and Kitt was that person for him.  Not only was Austin romantic, sweet, and smooth talker he also knew exactly what he wanted and went after it.  He had a bit of a dominate side to him and told Kitt exactly what he wanted and he always got it.

“Lay down, Kitt, before I drop you to your knees on this hard ground.  I’m feeling possessive as hell right now.  You made me work too hard for that commitment.  You make me work too hard for even your simplest smile.  I need to fully fuck you until you get it through that thick skull of yours that you’re mine.” Austin meant every word said.

I have a feeling that anyone who reads this story will fall in love with Austin just like I did because there was nothing about him that I didn’t like.  I could clearly see how much love Austin had for Kitt just from the actions that Austin did in this book and how at every turn he tried to protect Kitt until he was comfortable enough to finally be who he is.

Oh let’s talk about Kitt Kelly!  Hot cowboy that will make you fall to your knees and swoon.  Kitt for me seemed very shy and I totally got that because of his sexuality and how he was hiding it from everyone.  Deep down I knew he was sweet, loving, caring, and went out of his way to help anyone that needed it.  Kitt never saw himself for who he really was and many times Austin would basically have to slap some sense into him for Kitt to realize what a great man he was.  I love Kitt, I watched him go from a shy lonely man to a strong, determined, and happy man throughout this book.  Austin truly did bring out the best in Kitt and that put a smile on my face.

“Of course, I love you.  I’ve honestly probably loved you since I was fifteen years old and watched you play ball.  Hell, I was in the truck when my dad caught you and Wanda at the pond.  That memory’s etched in my mind forever.  I was like twelve or thirteen.  I’ve loved you since then.  You were so beautiful in every way to me. I loved to listen to you talk when we were in school.  I’d wait for hours in the locker room just in case you walked through.  You’re the reason I worked so hard to make Varsity my freshman year.  Just so I could be near you.  You’ve always had my heart.  It’s never belonged to anyone else.”

WOW of WOW! Love Kitt!  I was so happy when he finally embraced who he was with Kitt and let himself just feel.  He finally opened up his heart and let Austin in and decided that he would to give his heart to Austin and hope it never gets broken.  For me there was something very brave when Kitt finally opened up and let all his emotions and feelings on the table because you will watch how guarded and closed off Kitt is and for him to blossom like he did it was beautiful.

Now after reading all of my thoughts Kindle doesn’t make it easy for us.  Yes she gives us two very sexy steamy guys and such a beautiful wonderful love that unfolds right in front of us but there are challenges as well.  Remember Austin is a movie star and after he leaves Hollywood everyone wants to know where he is and what he is doing and some will stop at nothing until they figure out what is going on with Austin Grainger.

“Baby, I’m so sorry.  I’m leaving a note on my kitchen table explaining more.  I’ll keep you posted as I go.  I just wanted you to know that I’m here for you no matter what.  Even if you never wanna see me again, I’ll make sure you’re taken care of and everything’s yours, Kitt.   The horses, my land, the farm, it’s all yours.  I love you beyond anything reasonable, more than life itself. You’re everything to me, and I’ll regret this for the rest of my life. I’m so sorry for what I’ve done and what I’m about to do.”

So please for the love of all things that are wonderful, sexy, steamy, and love filled read Texas Pride and fall in love with Kitt Kelly and Austin Grainger.  I can’t think Kindle enough for giving us such a beautiful story to read and enjoy.  Their story made my heart expand with love and beat just a bit faster!