Tempted By Two by Portia Da Costa


~~Ena’s 3 1/2 Star Thoughts~~

Holy hotness! 

Katie is a career driven independent woman who needs a break from the crazy city living so she heads out for a vacation to a small little town and rents a little cottage to clear her mind from all the hustle and bustle of the working world.

After visiting a local art gallery and studying the great beautiful and erotic Tempted by Two painting by one of her favorite painters Marcus Dane she gets the proposition of her life time and isn’t sure she can resist.

Meeting Marcus was one thing because let’s face it she absolutely adored him but after meeting his lover and best friend Owen she instantly becomes aware that they want more from her than just a friendly visit.  They want to give her all the desires she had ever had and that involves her naked in their bed.

But what happens when her vacation is over and she has to return to the real world and handle real responsibilities?    Can Katie keep her heart out of their relationship and keep it strictly sex?  Will Marcus and Owen let her go at the end of the 2 weeks or try and hold onto her awhile longer?

Thi is a short and sexy erotica novella and I loved it!  It had some much steam and spice that it left my panting after I finished it.  Katie was such a wonderful character to read because she truly let us know her feelings at every turn.  She wasn’t afraid to try new things and play around with her desires.  Katie knew that her heart could end up getting hurt after her vacation was over but she went with what her body was so badly craving.

Marcus well he is sex on a stick.  Very attractive, successful, smooth, confident, and knows just how to touch a person’s body leaving them wanting more.  He will make you feel sexy just by how he made Katie feel sexy throughout this book.  He really truly loves his partner and best friend Owen but he craves a woman’s touch too.  Hey he gets the best of both worlds and he enjoys every minute of it.

Owen is an author and loves Marcus with his whole heart.  He too likes to spice up their bedroom with bringing in woman to enjoy their sexual romps.  He will do anything to put a smile on Marcus’s face.  He is soft spoken and is a go with the flow type of character.  For the most part he lets Marcus lead the way and he follows with no complaints.

The relationship between Marcus, Owen, and Katie starts up very steamy and doesn’t let go until the very end.  There are a few road bumps that they have to work through which is strictly Katie’s self confidence.  When her heart starts to slowly work’s its way into the relationship she starts to question everything that she has been doing with Marcus and Owen.

Portia Da Costa did an excellent job at bringing us a short and steamy read with a happy ending.  I am guessing she is not from the US because instead of vacation she uses the term holiday and says bullocks quite a bit throughout Tempted by Two.  She captured my attention from the start and made me truly feel for the characters and wanting them to all be happy.  A great steamy erotica story for everyone!