Taming the Bachelor by M.J. Carnal


Ex marine and bad boy, Mark Moretti, made a pact with his childhood friends to live life to the fullest and never allow a woman to tie him down. After years of success and the world at his feet, he is determined to make that pact a reality. A move back to his beloved Los Angeles threatens to change the future he had written for himself when the shy and beautiful, Sophie Barringer, ends up being the Maid of Honor at his sister’s wedding. 

Sophie has been burned at love. The last thing she needs is a self proclaimed bachelor to turn her head. But her heart may have other plans. 

Forced to spend a week together in paradise, can they deny their steamy chemistry and stay away from each other or will they give in to lust and take the chance? Can Mark get over his player reputation to take a shot at love or will fate be cruel enough to deny them their happily ever after?

~~Ena’s 4 Star Thoughts~~

Mark Moretti is our very own bachelor for life.  He enjoys sex and enjoys having it with many women.  He won’t sugar coat things and tell you things you want to hear.  He is straight forward and honest about it and never returns to the same warm body twice.  After just getting out of the Marines he decides to move back to Los Angeles to be closer to his sister and friends who are like brothers to him.  He is sex on a stick and can charm the panties and bras off any lady whether they want him to or not.  He just has a way about him that leaves you craving him and wanting as much as he will give.  He doesn’t do commitments, he isn’t even sure he believes in love but that was until one fateful day in a grocery store when he saw her.

 Sophie Barringer is sweet and full on innocence.  She is beautiful even though she doesn’t know it and kind to a fault.  After leaving her boyfriend and finance after finding him with his secretary she has sworn off men and love in general.  She made a promise to herself that she will NEVER give her heart away and the walls she has built around her heart will stay there so she doesn’t get hurt again.  He craves the male touch but she isn’t sure she can separate the pleasure of her body from the heart strings in her heart.  Sophie has never met anyone after her breakup that she is willing to risk getting hurt again until one fateful day in the grocery store her cart collided with him.

 When Mark and Sophie comes together and their worlds collide are they both strong enough to stay away?  Will Mark keep up with his bachelor life and not fall for the beautiful sweet Sophie?  Can Sophie keep the walls in tacked around her heart and strictly indulge in the pleasures Mark can give her or will her heart come into play and will she risk getting hurt all over again?

 M.J. Carter brought us a sexy fun steamy read and I loved it.  Mark, even though he is a glorified player and gigolo he is sexy as sin and left me craving more of him.  Even though he puts off this bad boy image deep down I felt he was a big old teddy bear.  He is honest about his intentions and you can’t fault him for that.  He has many sides to him.  His sexy take control, push you up against a wall and make you come 1000 ways to Sunday side and a sweeter softer let me cuddle and hold you after making you come 1000 ways to Sunday side.  I love him because he is who he is and he is true to himself and everyone else around him.  Flipping’ holy hotness he made my mouth water and I was very jealous of Sophie while reading this book because she got all the play.

Her movement became more frantic and he knew she was close.  He pinched her nipple with his other hand and bit her shoulder.  She came apart around him, clenching him with her slick walls.  Her legs buckled but he held her up.  “Not yet.  You aren’t done yet.” Her hooded eyes met his again.  More moisture pooled around him and he grabbed her hair and pulled back lightly.  She moaned.  “You like that baby?” She nodded and found her voice “God yes. Harder Mark. I need more.” 

 “What do you want baby?” His strokes slowed as he waited for an answer. “Tell me.”

 (okay okay Mark I will tell you, shit!  First I want you to bend me over and plunge your big hard juicy…………..Shit sorry yall – okay back to my review)

 So you can totally see why I fell in love with the new Mark Moretti from above.  I like that he can be dominate when situations call for it but he can also be the sweet and kind gentle lover that we like sometimes too.

 “You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world.  And I am so lucky because I am the one that gets to touch you.”

 So yep that my friends in Mark Moretti sex on a stick himself!!!!  Shall we move on?

 Sophie Barringer I loved her character she is strong and determined but sometimes she does get a bit scared and insecure.  I mean really what woman doesn’t get insecure from time to time right?  She knew from the minute she met Mark Moretti and then later their lives colliding again with a situation that brought them together for days and nights at a time she knew she was a goner.  She knew her body that craved him so much would win in the end so she gave into it and just hoped and prayed that she would survive him.

 “I want to turn around and kiss you while you make love to me.  I want you to make me come again.”

 Knowing Mark’s past however it’s only common for her to have her doubts so what happens when situations arise that will Sophie having to either believe what she hears or truly trust Mark.  Can his past reputation cloud her judgment and trust in him and ruin everything that they had built and everything that they could possibly have in the future?  Or will she realize that the person she has come to love over time is not the same person she has heard so much about from the people around her and truly give him all the trust that she can give and truly love him unconditional and create a beautiful life together?  Can Sophie tame the bachelor or will her faults leave him a bachelor forever?

 “Keep this.  I have no reason to hold onto it.  It will just be a constant reminder of the woman who didn’t love me enough to trust me.  Look at it often and remind yourself that there will be people who love you so fiercely that you need to take the gamble on them.”

 I can’t say enough how much I really enjoyed this book.  I think M.J. did a wonderful job bringing us characters that would get easily fall in love with.  The story is fixated around the relationship of Mark Moretti and Sophie Barringer but so much more happens in this story and I can’t sit here all day and go over that.  Bonds will be formed, hearts will be broken, love will blossom, love with fade away, two will become one, and bodies will create life.  A great read and one I would recommend others to enjoy as well.