Taking Chances and Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams










Beautiful  –  Emotional – Heartbreaking – Breathless – Powerful – Love 

5 Stars   – 5 Stars – 5 Stars – 5 Stars – 5 Stars – 5 Stars – 5 Stars – 5 Stars

Please read Taking Chances first, as this is the original story of the love between Harper, Chase, and Brandon.  Once you have experienced it and your heart has healed read Stealing Harper, this is Chase’s story.  He words about the girl who changed his world!

My heart is heavy today as I have finished Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams. I was going to do this funny cute review where I am writing it from a jail cell because I am so in love with Chase Grayson that I start stalking him but I feel like this story deserves so much more than a funny review.
Stealing Harper and Taking Chances deserves a powerful review that will pull you in and leave you wanting to either experience Harper, Chase, and Brandon for the first time or leave you wanting to be strong enough to experience their story again. It’s a beautiful story of lose and love. A story of learning what true love really is. It’s a story of learning to love, live, and letting go. Taking Chances and Stealing Harper will send you in a spiral of emotions and leave you breathless.
In Taking Chances Molly took us on a journey of love and loss. She pulled our emotions in every direction possible. Harper told her story, the story of falling in love for the first time not with one man but with two. Harper showed us her soul with the struggles she went through in trying to decide where her heart truly belonged. She had me laughing, crying, and angry as hell. She had my heart break for her and my eyes seeing red with some of the choices and decisions she made. Harper is human, she made mistakes, she messed up, but everything happens for a reason and she got her story.
Stealing Harper; well this is Chase’s story. He is in the spotlight now, to give us everything we want, to show us his point of view and take us on a journey that is his life. This is his story about how one girl came into his life and changed him in so many wonderful ways. Who made him become a better man and made him want things for his present and future that he never thought he would want. This is his voice, his heartache, his joy, his laughter, his anger, everything, all of it is his and I am very humbled that Molly decided to give him his voice and let us hear his story, his whole world that is Harper.
I was terrified to start Stealing Harper. I haven’t heard from Chase Grayson in forever and I knew his words would have the ability to break my heart. So going into this I tried to prepare myself, but I was still feeling…..

In the beginning I could total see why everyone thought Chase was an ass when it came to woman, because let’s face it, he was. But the moment he laid eyes on Harper there were….

A connection so strong that he knew she was his world and he knew that he would do anything he had to, to have her. Sadly for him it wasn’t going to be easy to win over the love of someone like Harper, someone who is pure and innocent.
My heart was breaking for Chase because let’s face it, I am sooooooooooooo Team Chase! But seeing what he was going through watching Harper and Brandon together made me feel like….

I couldn’t stand what was happening to him. But than other times when everything was falling into place my heart was happy and my eyes were dry. My heart was swooning for Harper and Chase and every time they came together I would jump and down and get really excited like this….

Just when I thought I was going to remain happy and everything was working out the way I wanted it to, not the way it was MEANT to be something happened that left me….

My mind was racing and I still was questioning why the story had to turn out the way it did, why would someone ripe my heart out of my chest and stomp on it over and over and over again until there was nothing left. I love Chase and I am so glad that we have heard his voice but I will forever remember Taking Chances and Stealing Harper as the one story that was not only a beautiful story of love and loss.
This has been a very powerful story for so many of us, and as much as some of us read it’s hard to remember storylines but this is one that I will NEVER forget. I love Molly McAdams for giving us something so raw and emotional and at the same time beautiful. Some did not enjoy it because of what happens within the pages but in life nothing is guaranteed and things like this happen in real life every day and I thank Molly for giving us characters like Harper, Brandon and Chase. I will never forget those three and the strong bond that they all hold with one another and the powerful love that is between all 3 of them. So for that I thank Molly for all the hours, days, weeks, months spent on creating Taking Chance and Stealing Harper they will always hold a special place in my heart. Molly thank you for everything! For your beautiful stories, for your wonderful friendship, and for following your heart and giving us characters that we so easily fall in love with.