Surrender Your Love by JC Reed


~~Ena’s 4 Star Thoughts~~

When Brooke first laid her eyes on Jett she knew she was in trouble. From his dark and dangerous good looks down to his inflated ego he was everything her body wanted and everything her heart couldn’t survive. Once chance encounter will alter her life forever and put her heart at risk of crumbling to pieces. Brooke decides that she will NEVER see Jett again so no harm, no foul, unless….

Yep so what happens when Jett slams himself right back into Brooke’s life as her new BOSS?


Can Brooke control her hormones and keep her heart safe? Can Jett swoon her without exposing his secrets? What happens when feelings are developed where they shouldn’t, and secrets are exposed?

So I was given this to read and review honestly, and well honestly I thought this book kick ass! So let’s begin shall we?

First we have Brooke – a girl who will never wear her heart on her sleeve again. She is determined to keep that cage around her heart and never unlock it for the fear of being broken and hurt. She is independent and is very forthcoming. She is more beautiful than she thinks she is and only wants to have fun, no drama, no strings, just plain and simple fun. She has a bit of an attitude – almost like….


After meeting Jett, well at the time she has NO clue that’s who he is she feels something deep down in her being that scares her. It’s been quit sometime since a man has created that much of a spark inside her. It burns her up inside from her toes all the way up to the top of her head, sexual attraction, that is what it is. Once she eyed him for the first time her body was craving a little bit of this…..

But what happens when the feelings are returned and she finds herself slowly opening the cage around her heart?

Oh there is a heavenly man in this book, Jett, who is cocky, determined, open minded, sexy, dark, mysterious, and smart. He knows exactly what he wants and he goes after it without stopping until her gets it.

“This is where you belong, sweaty and panting in my arms.”

(Why yes Jett, I do believe you are right…………Oh shit he was talking to Brooke not me!)

There is something about Jett that will pull you in and hold you tight until the very end. Even though he is cocky he makes it look oh so sexy. He is just like Brooke doesn’t want anything serious, no strings, just fun. He is willing to do anything in his power to get her naked and in his bad. He sort of has that bad boy exterior that we all love so much and. In the beginning there was a little bit of this…

Which for Brooke would later turn into this….

Which had Jett saying….

“Let me make you come like you’ve never come before.”

And boom before she knew it they were doing this…

After everything she gave him and after everything they shared she never expected what happened to her next. She trust Jett with her whole heart even though she promised herself to never be emotionally available to another man, she did, he broke her heart. I loved Jett but I found myself being pissed at him and wanted too….


Poor Brooke, I felt so bad for her because she went through a lot by letting Jett not only into her life but into her heart and just as she suspected at the end of the day he left her with no choice but too


I loved the storyline – both characters not quit looking for anything serious but the heart doesn’t always listen to the head and it wants what it wants. The secrets that are hidden could destroy what they have forever. The loop that JC throws you at the end you will NEVER see coming. As soon as I read it I was like……


I can’t wait to find out what happens with Brooke and Jett in the 2nd book of the series Conquer Your Love which is now available to buy. So with that I better get off her and go get it so I can find out after all the secrets and half truths if they will ever get back to doing….


Thank you so much JC for the chance to read and review Surrender Your Love – it earned a very big 4 stars from me and I can’t wait to get more Jett and Brooke! Awesome job.