Book Review – An Undying Oath by H.K. Savage


 An Undying Oath Cover


Sergeant Justin Shaw and the two surviving members of his Special Forces unit are the last remaining evidence of the reality of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction program. On a mission during the second Iraq War, Sergeant Shaw’s company retrieved a canister from a weapons lab only to have it shatter during an ambush, exposing his team to its contents and changing them forever. 

Samantha James has grown up without a father. A once renowned geneticist, he left them when she was nine years old. She hears from him only on her birthday when she receives the same gift every year, but on her twenty-eighth birthday the gift is different. A small, mysterious metal cylinder shows up on her doorstep. Before she knows what’s happening her boyfriend is dead, her mother is in the hospital, and she’s been “rescued” from hired killers only to find herself facing another potentially more insidious threat from Sergeant Shaw. 

Sam remains under Shaw’s watchful guard as she tries to figure out who she can trust and how to save the ones she loves from the danger. Only sometimes, the real enemy isn’t always clear.





5 Star Review


I was given a copy of An Undying Oath for an honest review. When starting An Undying Oath I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Once started, I could not put it down. This story was so well-wrote, yes it is in multiple POVs but the flow is amazing. Some books like to drag everything out when it shouldn’t be and the one thing I loved is this book does not. HK Savage done such a great job giving you all parts of paranormal, suspense all mixed with a little bit of romance thrown into one book.

When find that Sergeant Justin Shaw and his men were exposed to something on their tour in Iraq. Being held as lab rats until Dr. Steven James helps them to escape. But Shaw and his remaining team seek retribution against those who have treated them so badly. But in the midst of finding out who is behind it all they meet the Drs. Daughter Samantha.

Samantha James is now celebrating her 28th birthday and as normal her father, whom she has not seen since a very young age has sent her another gift. But the only thing is it contains something other than the money he normally sends. Since she could care less about this other gift she decides to throw it away. But this is where everything changes. She comes home to find her boyfriend dead in her shower but starts to find things out of place once the cops leave. Now she knows that her boyfriend did not commit suicide, but was killed. But when two men try to abduct her from her gym parking lot she is rescued by Shaw’s team. The only thing is she is unsure if she can trust them.

 Samantha is told one side of the story by Shaw, and as she starts believing what she has been told, her father comes back into the picture and just makes everything more confusing for Samantha. Now she is unsure of who to believe and she is unsure of where her heart is taking her in the crazy journey to the truth. But can she follow her heart and let Shaw break down the walls that he started to before her father showed back up. This is where you have to read and  find out.