Sin at Sea by Emma Nichols


~~Ena’s 4 let’s go crusin’ star thoughts~~

 Sin at Sea brought me back to my Carnival Cruise that I went on with the hubs, we even ported out of Charleston, SC but on my cruise there was no mystery man and def. not all the hotness that went on in this story.

For Alysin and Jolie life is always on the go. Anytime something in their life goes wrong they pack their stuff and move away to a new town, with new people and new adventures. But what happens when you meet someone that you don’t want to leave? What happens when hearts become involved and you find yourself wanting to settle down? Well for Alysin that is exactly what happened with a man whose name she doesn’t even know!

I was surprised at this book. I thought the storyline was brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to go on a cruise after they find their boyfriend of 2 years screwing his secretary at the office on a conference table, and on said cruise meets a mystery man whom you have wild and crazy passionate sex with for 7 glorious days with no strings attached, no commitment, no names, nothing? Well that is what Alysin got and this is her story.

Alysin is smart, beautiful and has a funny sense of humor.

“Hey, you have to come get your things. You left some things here. Let me know when you’re coming by. We can talk…in person.” He had found something to hope for, to hang on to. I could fix that.
“Kyle, it’s a toothbrush and some panties. Keep them. Wear them if you want. It’s the only way you are getting back in my panties again.”

Mr. BE (Bedroom Eyes) since we still don’t know his name is mysterious and sexy as sin. He treats Alysin like a queen in every since of the word and I could tell when feelings started to develop leaving him and Alysin wanting more but not exactly knowing where to take it.

“So, I get a ring and a protector, you get sex? Is that the agreement?”

“Mostly. I want quality time, too. I want the boring stuff. I want to watch the sunset with you. I want to watch movies, eat dinner, dance, grab drinks. I want naps in the afternoon and to fall asleep holding you at night. I want it all. The whole package.” He took my hands in his and gripped them. “What do you think?”

And let the story begin…..In the beginning there was a little bit of this….

Which turned into a whole bunch of this….

Throughout the entire novella you watch their “relationship” unfold and feelings start to grow but they both stick to their guns and don’t complicate things with including feelings, exchanging names, and contact information.

But what happens when they both start to want more? Will they step outside their little box and go for it? I can’t wait to find out what happens with this couple and if their feelings they both harbor deep inside amounts to an actual relationship.

“This isn’t a time for sex, babe. I just wanted to be in here to help wash you, to steady you, to keep you safe. There will be plenty of time for you to show your appreciation later. For now, let me show you how much I care,” he said gently.

It’s a good thing we were in the shower, otherwise he would have known that some of the water running down my cheeks didn’t come from the plumbing.

Sin at Sea is a sexy short read that will keep you entertained from start to finish. I truly enjoyed this fun loving, sexy, and funny read the only thing I wish I got in it was at least his name but no Mr. BE is still a mystery to me so I guess I will find out more about him and their next adventure in Vixen In Vegas.