Shattered by C.C. Brown



~~~Ena’s 4 Star Thoughts~~~

C.C. Brown brings us a beautiful story about learning how to live again when tragedy strikes, not once but twice. Shattered is a story that will touch your heart, pull at your emotions, and have you falling in love with the characters.

Dallis O’Brien is a beautiful young red head who finds herself shattered after tragedy strikes her life more than once in such a short amount of time. She builds a wall around her heart and becomes void of any and all emotions as a defense mechanism to save her from getting hurt. She feels like the mask she is wearing is working for her but to her surprise she is not as good at hiding her troubles as she thinks she is. After ending her relationship with her stuck up, ego driven boyfriend she feels like she start over and move forward. But soon realizes that she can’t move forward without facing and accepting the tragedies of her past.

Grayson Rivera aka “Barista Boy” oh yum yum yum! He is sweet, passionate, kind, loving, tattooed, and hot as Haitis and he has his eye on Dallis. He will stop at nothing to help Dallis move forward in her life while embracing her past tragedies and not just simply bury them. He wants Dallis but he wants all of her and until she comes to terms with things that have happened to her that she still refuses to acknowledge he can’t truly be happy. He wants to help her, fix her, love her, make her happy, and he will stop at nothing to do that.

When I started Shattered I knew it was going to have a little bit of heartache and hopefully a lot of love and laughter and I got everything I was hoping for. In the beginning I did a little bit of this…

I was so excited that Dallis decided to stop trying to hide her feelings for Grayson and go for it. To finally let her hair down and feel again. To open her heart up to another person and let Grayson in, let him in to love her and show her what it means to love another person. The chemistry between Grayson and Dallis was like….

He wanted Dallis but he wanted ALL of her and he knew she had to let go of her past in order to move on with their future. He made my heart swoon and my body tingle. When Grayson and Dallis finally did this…

I couldn’t help myself because it made me feel like this…

Overall C.C. Brown told a beautiful story about a girl who locked all her feelings inside after suffering through a few tragic incidences and about a patient man who wants nothing more than to release all the sorrow and pain that she bottles inside her and make her whole again.