Safe Word by Teresa Mummert


Okay typical day like any other day for me. Work, home, read! Well I have been dying for Teresa Mummert’s Safe Word and when I got her message telling me it was ready and then I checked my email and it was waiting for me I was like:


WOW. Safe Word by Teresa Mummert, what can I say about this book without giving anything away? Okay well let’s start with HOLY FINGER FUCKING FANTASTIC. Yep great place to start in my book!

So I am hoping you have read the synopsis and that gives you an idea of what this story is about, because I am going to skip completely over my rundown of what the book is about and jump right on in to how it made me feel. Let’s start with feelings, shall we? Feelings are a great place to start and I felt many of them during my time on this roller coaster.

We all know Teresa Mummert is a tease right? Yes well for this book she teased and teased and teased us with all her lil’ meme teaser’s that kept me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails and wanting this book like I want German chocolate cake. She teased us with things like this:


Oh and then it just kept getting worse and worse for me! She went above and beyond; knowing my kinky side and how I love to try to read in between the lines with something like this:


Oh and if it couldn’t get any worse she comes out with a whopper like this one that nearly had me wanting to fly to her house and personally kick her butt until she let me read it. Or rather yet her call me and read it too me. Yep that would have worked too.


So now that I have your attention and you have been primed and teased I will get on with this little ditty. When you read Safe Word you will feel many different emotions, I know I did. Some of them were strong than the others but they were felt all the same.

Sometimes I felt like this:


Because of choices that were made or not made and words of malice that were spoken that just pissed me off.

Compassion yep I went there too for most all the characters at one point of another because of what they dealt with in their pasts and what they were dealing with in the present and what they could possible deal with in the future.

And then I was like this:


Shock, I went into that a few times too because whatever thoughts you have in your head about what this story will story forget it, throw it out the window because I am 99% positive that, that shit isn’t gonna work out to well for ya.

Oh and when it got good, it got realllllll good I was like this:

Lust; awwwwww one of my favorite feelings and this book had my feeling is A LOT. I was drooling and afraid of permently damaging my cell phone because of things that were taking place. It had me clenching my thighs and squirming in my seat and I loved every second of it.

Teresa also grabbed at my heart strings and made me feel like this:


Love, the last and biggest emotion I felt because you could tell how much love was between the characters. From the time they first met to the time the book ended there was a lot of love there and it made me swoon.

Cole is the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he comes from an abusive home where his father is a total douche and his mother does her best to survive. With a father who drinks himself to oblivion and is abusive in every sense of the word it’s a wonder Cole doesn’t find himself in trouble more often. Cole is a protector, he is a fighter, and deep down he just wants to be loved and give love in return. He is strong, determined, and a bit rough around the edges but he is who he is and doesn’t apologize for it.

“Then we won’t let him find you. We can just run away.”

Rose is you typical girl next door. Beautiful, sweet, kind, and comes from money. She has a dark secret that she holds deep down inside and the only person who she trusts is Cole. He is her protector and overtime looks start to linger a little longer, touches become less innocent, and the passion between the two become stronger. Cole wants all of Rose but doesn’t know if he will ever truly have her.

“If I can’t get away I will draw raindrops on the sidewalk in chalk. When you see a sun, come and get me. Just like the other times. I promise. We will see the stars together, I promise.”

Colt is sexy, strong, determined, passionate, a bit scary at times, a fighter to the core, and a lover you want. He will walk through hell and back for the people he loves. He has a secret, many skeletons in his closet and he is trying to go through life without those skeletons falling out or those secrets coming to light. He knows his place in this world and he wants one thing, not knowing if he will ever get it. Colt has lived his life wanting one thing, but wanting and having are two different things and having that one thing may cost him his life.

“You’re whoever the fuck I want you to be. For the next two weeks I fucking own you and if you’re lucky, you may still be alive when all of this is over.”

Lily is sweet, kind, and act innocent. She is beautiful, fresh, and passionate. Dealing with her own skeletons and demons that seem to keep popping up, she goes in search for the one thing she has wanted for years and in the end she finds it but things are not always as they appear. Sometimes you have to read in between the lines and see what is actually in front of you. Lily wants one thing and one thing only and that thing may just end up costing her, her life.

“Save me from who?”

So much happens in this book that your head will be spinning in circles. Right when you think you know what is going to happen….

Everything changes and the game gets more and more interesting! The characters will surprise you, they will go through hell and back for the one they love not knowing if they will finish the game alive. Nothing is at it seems and the ideas you have running through your head and the thoughts that you may have throw them out the window they will do no good to you! You will be thrown from one direction to the next dying to grab on and finish the ride. There are twists and turns everywhere. You will never get bored. You will find yourself racking your brain to figure out what the hell just happened because it came out of left field and totally fucked with your mind.

All I can say that I am finally glad Teresa can tease me no more with Safe Word. I can always say with 100% certainty that this is the BEST work of hers that I have read to date and she totally blew my mind. How she came up with this storyline is beyond me because it goes way above and beyond anything I thought this book was about.

It was hot, steamy, passionate, scary, crazy, total mind fuck and I loved every word on the every page. My final thoughts of Safe Word are WOW! Go grab a copy and read – you will NOT want to put it down once you start, I can promise you that. Great work Teresa – job well done on knocking me right on my ass and taking me on this wild and crazy ride. Remember throw everything you think you know out of the window and just enjoy the Safe Word as it unravels right before your eyes. So if you are ready go get the book and let’s play a game.

I can guarantee when you are done reading Safe Word – you too will be like this: