Ruining You by Nicole Reed


SPOILER ALERT…SPOILER ALERT……If you haven’t read Nicole Reed’s “Ruining Me” please don’t read this review for “Ruining You” it contains spoilers.  PLEASE stop now and go read Ruining Me before reading this review – you won’t be sorry.

After the loss of her innocence and her first love JT, James “Jay” Stevenson wanted to end it all.  After a failed suicide attempt she makes a promise to live, now the only thing she needs to figure out is what to live for.  Kane and Rhye are still there waiting  for Jay to find herself and a path for her life.  But waiting to find herself may cause her to lose even more.    Jay has 2 options to live in the past and live with the guilt she has placed on her shoulders with the death of JT or choose to live for herself and her future.  Jay chooses to live, for today, tomorrow and her future.  She will carry the memory and love for JT in her heart forever.  She knows she has to let go and move forward.  She chooses life and she makes the choice to live it and be happy.

I don’t know where to begin.  This is the perfect ending to Jay’s story.  The lost and broken girl from Ruining Me pokes her head in Ruining You in the beginning but after meeting Eli she gets stronger, more determined and knows she wants to live, she wants a life, a future and she will stop at nothing to get that.  I loved this story from the first journal entry to the last final 2 words.  Nicole Reed with touch your heart with this story and pull at your heartstrings.  I felt Jay’s pain, her guilt, her struggles, her wants and needs throughout this book.  Oh and KANE, what can I say – I think I fell in love with him even more in this book.  Not only is he drop dead gorgeous with a nice body, but his heart is pure and his love for Jay is beyond this world.  He wants to help her, hold her, love her, cherish her and keep her safe.  But he knows before he can fully give himself to her and everything she deserves he knows that she needs to find herself again and love herself again.  He is amazing – a true knight and shining armor.  Oh, I can’t say enough about him so I will stop before I have to wipe drool off of my computer. 

Basically to wrap this review up, just read it, read Ruining You and love it – I know I did.  It’s a wonderful ending to Jay’s story.  I would give this book 10 stars if that was available but since it is not I give it a very full 5 stars…You won’t be disappointed after your read this.  Nicole Reed is a brilliant author and I think she hit a homerun with Ruining Me and Ruining You and I can’t wait to read more of her work.