Book Review – Unbreakable Hearts (CEP #2) by Harper Bentley

Tilly Maxwell is a freelance photographer in New York City who happens to take the right photo at the wrong time. While on a shoot, she captures in the background of one of her pictures a man who’s just committed a murder. A man whose perfect crime has now been foiled because of chance. Because of one ill-timed click of the camera, a photographer must be silenced, and Tilly’s now on the run for her life.
John Osby, Oz, an ex Army Ranger who is now one of CEP’s best, is shocked to see Tilly when she calls on the agency needing help. Talk about a blast from the past. They attended high school together and he remembers her as the quiet, adorably awkward and somewhat nerdy photographer he’d had a crush on, but because their lives were so different, he didn’t dare cross the line with her, except for one drunken kiss. But now they’re older, she’s blossomed into a real beauty and he intends on crossing any line he can to protect her… and have her as his own.
A woman who adamantly guards her heart encounters the one man who may be able to break down her barriers. When the past collides with the present, boundaries will be pushed and unbreakable hearts will be tested to the limit.
The story starts out with the introduction of Tilly Maxwell, a photographer; John Osby or Oz an ex Army Ranger who is now a bounty hunter at  CEP; and Graham Hightower, millionaire businessman. It isn’t known their connection until Oz is needed to help out and runs into Tilly. Tilly and Oz have both had a crush on each other since high school. But Tilly has guarded her heart from men for years. She dated safe guys like her ex Doug because there was never any chance of falling in love with him. Now with a second chance, is Oz just an high school crush or is he just the guy to challenge her into opening her heart and stop running from love?
There is also the issue of Tilly taking a picture that accidently shows someone in the background that doesn’t want his picture plastered everywhere. This someone has something to hide and goes to great lengths to cover up him being in these pictures. Is Tilly danger? Is the one thing that Tilly was afraid of happening occur in reverse? Is there such a thing as an unbreakable heart?
This was a great book that I really enjoyed. It started off confusing at first trying to figure out how everyone was connected. But it picked up rather quickly and I was hooked at the end. I really love Oz and his take control attitude. He is seriously hot and extremely lovable. He isn’t going to give up without a fight and Tilly is very similar which leads to some interesting chemistry. Tilly and Oz chemistry is off the charts. I loved their banter between each other. This is a sweet love story of second chance love. The question is if Tilly will let Oz in her heart. Read to find out !