Review: The Mason List by S.D Hendrickson



An epic love. An epic hate. An epic story that would last a lifetime.

Today, 8:15 p.m.
I hurt. I hurt so deeply, I felt the pain searing in my bones and jabbing like a hot poker into my heart. I knew nothing would make it better as the memories pulled from the crevices of my mind, detailing the bad and the ugly, filling my thoughts with regret as I slipped into the darkness. . .

When I was eight, my mother was dying of cancer, my father lost his job, and the bank kicked us out of our house. I was forced to move to the strange town of Arlis, Texas where my father and I slept in our car in the hospital parking lot. Desperate and hopeless, we lived on fumes of our former life.

Then one night, everything changed forever. A knock on the car window brought a family into my life that I only wanted to shut out. I hated charity and I hated the Masons. Well, except one. He made it impossible to hate him.

Jess Mason had the biggest blue eyes and ornery smile of any boy I had ever seen. He was a ray of sunshine in my dark world. A boy full of adventure, dragging me across the meadow of Sprayberry Ranch; a beautiful Texas paradise full of horses and tree houses that got us into more trouble than anyone ever imagined.

Jess was my everything as a kid until we grew up and the rules changed. Instead of living happily ever after with a boy full of love. . . I destroyed it.
Alex Tanner

Author Note: The Mason List is a coming-of-age story that follows the life of Alex Tanner from the age of six to twenty-six. The novel crosses the genres of Young Adult and New Adult. The Mason List is a standalone, 118,940 word, full-length novel.


5 Star Review

“An epic love. An epic hate. An epic story that would last a lifetime.”

The Mason List is a standalone story that spans twenty years of friendship and love between a young girl and boy. It was truly a beautiful, breathtaking well written story. It’s the kind of book that stays with you, that’s what it did for me it made me smile, laugh, cry, and leaves you with a feel good message.
That’s when you know the author did her job and what an amazing job S. D. Hendrickson did on her debut novel.

The story starts in the present day with a tragic scene taking place involving the heroine. You don’t know what’s taking place but you do know it’s something heart breaking, it leaves you on the edge of your seat. In order for us the readers to understand what is happing to her, your taken back to the very beginning of her childhood where it all began.

Alexandra “Alex” Tanner is a eight year little girl who loves dressing up like a princess and doing what all little girls love to do at her age. Until one day everything changes for herself and her family, her mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, her dad looses his job, then the house. With no where else to go Alex and her dad go from living in a beautiful home to sleeping in a hot car in the parking lot of the hospital where her mother is.
But then things take a turn for the better for Alex and her father, Dr Mason a kind, generous doctor who also happens to be the one taking care of Alex’s mother, he offers them new hope for the future and new life offering them a place to stay on his ranch.
Alex hated the charity the Mason’s offered her she never wanted to be a burden on anyone, but one person in that family she couldn’t hate was Dr Mason’s son, Jess a boy her age who could make everything better for Alex.

Jessup “Jess” Mason only child to Dr Mason and his wife, who’s a crazy kid, he likes to be a dare devil and gets into a lot of trouble in doing so. He dresses like a cowboy, eats an abundance amount of skittles. He’s a kind hearted kid who would do just about anything for you.
When Jess and Alex first meet in the hospital a special relationship begins between the two of them. A friendship begins at the age of eight, continues into their teen years where over time Jess’s feelings begin to turn into more than friendship, but Alex set in her own ways doesn’t want more with Jess she believes he deserves better than her, and she feels that she’s indebted to the Mason’s already, she can’t seem to let go of the hostility towards them and accept his love.

I feel I could go on but I’ll stop now because I feel you as the reader should experience Alex and Jess’s epic story from the age of eight until beyond. You should experience the years of happy and sad times, the ups and downs, the love and hate, jealousy, pride, etc.
I think everyone needs to read this book it’s not your typical romance where girl meets boy they fall in love, get married have children. It’s so much more it’s about friendship, love, loss, generosity, hope. You just have to read The Mason List to fully understand it all.

“What’d you wish for? Can’t tell you or it won’t come true. Will you tell me if it does? Yea, Promise, Yea, I promise.”