#Review #NewRelease – Letting Love Go by Katharina LeBoeuf

Title: Letting Love Go
Series: Damaged Heart Series #1
Author: Katharina LeBoeuf
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 18, 2017
Cover Model: Peyton Anthony
Photographer: Kruse Images and Photography
Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling
Seven years ago, high school sweethearts Emma and Ryan were torn apart in the most shocking and unexpected way.
Over the years, Emma Leroux has learned to survive by building walls around her damaged heart. Exploited and betrayed by those closest to her, grieving the loss of her father and never really letting go of her first love has Emma at a new low in her life.
Desperate for a fresh start, Emma decides to go on a week-long vacation with a friend. Along with a change in scenery, she finds a new strength in herself and may also have found the one person who can open a door she thought was forever closed.
Justin finds himself at a crossroads in his life and he’s intent on making a fresh start. When he sees Emma for the first time, he knows she’s the one he’s been waiting for to walk into his life. Tearing down Emma’s walls isn’t as easy as he hoped it would be, but he’s not going to let her slip away without a fight.
After serving his time in the military and finishing his MBA, Ryan returns home to New Orleans. He has never given up on the dream that he and Emma could resurrect what they’ve lost. He’s determined to find her and win her back.
Will Justin be the one to help mend her damaged heart? Can this new relationship survive the shadows of their pasts, or will Ryan change everything?

4 star review-2

Emma and Ryan were high school sweethearts torn apart by others with an agenda.

Seven years later, Emma Leroux has not let go of her first love. She is surviving at best and never really giving her self the chance to live and move on. She can’t seem to let their love go. Emma decides to go on vacation in the hopes to get out of this funk she has been in. She just might have found the someone who can get her to let love go and move forward. Enter Justin who also trying to make a fresh start. He sees Emma and realizes she just might be the one he has been looking for. But Emma isn’t going to let him in that easy but Justin isn’t going to give up without a fight.

Ryan is returning home after serving in the military and he isn’t giving up hope  that Emma and him could  rekindle their romance. He is determine to figure out a way to win her back. 

But who will Emma choose? Will she let go of her love for Ryan go once and for all? Or will she decided to let Justin in ? Also what happens when she discover what actually happened 7 years ago.
I Really liked this book. I must worn you it ends in a cliff hanger. That makes you beg for the next book Letting Love In.  I am rooting for Emma and Ryan because what happened with them was not their fault, it was at the hands of someone with their own agenda. I Can’t wait to see what happens next. I like Justin making it hard because both are great guys. Who will Emma choose? I am hooked and waiting impatiently to see what going to happen. I think this is a great book and great series. Its one you should check out. Especially if you like love triangles. Check this one out



Katharina LeBoeuf grew up in New Orleans water skiing on the bayous and getting her fill of Cajun food. She graduated from LSU School of Nursing and currently works as a Registered Nurse. 

She loves sitting in her hammock and reading a good book. On the rare occasion there’s not a book in her hand, she’s watching her favorite shows like Friends, Seinfeld, The Walking Dead, and Criminal Minds on Netflix. She loves cheering on her boys during their baseball games and attending plays her daughter performs in. Oh yeah, and she loves writing!

Katharina lives in Orlando with her high school sweetheart, three children, a smelly cat named Chester (it’s not his fault) and a dog named Rhett.