Book Review: MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 2 by Bink Cummings

Note: Must Read The Diary of Bink Cummings Vol 1, previously.
When changing life’s course, you never consider what twisted curve-ball fate might dump in your lap. Growing up in the MC, then gaining my own personal Independence was not only a curse, it was a blessing. So when I decided to say fu*k my past and embraced my future, away from the only place I called home, I tried to re-invent myself, by becoming the woman I am today.
Until, one day, fate reared it’s ugly head, forcing me to return to the place I ran from. The place where I had no choice but to face HIM. And hide the biggest secret of my life, as I wallowed in silent fear, of the insurmountable repercussions it would evoke when anyone found out the truth.
Steamy Adult romance
Warning: Contains Mature scenarios, and mass quantities of profanity. For Ages 18+
-This is not a Standalone.
4 star review-2
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OMG Big Dick is BACK! This is about Volume 2 to Bink Cumming’s MC Chronicles Diary. It’s a wild ride and after the end of Volume 1 I just needed to know what happens with this couple. They are a very out of this world crazy dysfunctional couple but you will LOVE them. Big is your typical biker meat head with serious control issues and the one thing that pissed me off was he wanted his cake and to eat it too. Granted he wasn’t in a committed relationship but still he made my blood boil over.

Eva aka Bink has made a life for herself in Chicago after leaving the MC but she has a secret – one that I never saw coming a mile away. One that has the potential to make this an even wilder ride. I enjoyed her character because she was easy to understand and you couldn’t help but stand behind her in whatever decision she would make.

So we have an overbearing, control freak, sex God biker and a badass, will kick your ass seven ways to Sunday chick what more could we want?

Oh but there is so much more in this serial. There is more passion and fire than I knew what to do with. There was love, lust, and steam flowing in all the pages. There were oh crap moments, and what the heck moments, and dang you dumb moments. One thing that threw me for a loop and shocked the living daylights out of me was the sweetest that flowed from Big. Boy that man has one hell of a mouth on him and he shocked me into silence with this one.

I wanna own all your smiles and only see you cry when you’re happy. I wanna die in your arms because it’s the only fuckin’ place I’ve ever truly lived,”

(Insert awwwwwwwww here)

Yep Big is a softy too when it comes to Bink.   In volume 2 we got to not only see Bink’s stubborn badass chick side but her softer side as well. She is a fighter and even a comedian when the timing is right.

Buy hey, a girl can learn, can’t she? Bink, 1. Thundercunt, O.

With all the ups and downs that we have been given with this couple it’s amazing they haven’t murdered each other yet. There was a time during Volume 2 that I just knew it was coming. I would have chopped off a pair of Big Balls. However, secretly their banter back and forth made me chuckle and I loved it. It was like a real life soap opera minus this has more leather and a lot more hair.

If you enjoy fowl mouth, sexy, steamy, lusty, bend you over the pool table and make you scream my name characters than you will love this diary. It’s refreshing to read something like this because it really is like a diary. Bink doesn’t want to leave us out with anything that happens in her life. You think your life is rough and messed up – girl please you haven’t seen anything yet. Bink will tell you all about messed up. She doesn’t have her diary under lock and key – she wants to share her story with the world and it’s waiting for you.

I can’t really say what will happen with this couple. They truly do have a love/hate relationship but with all the betrayal and secrets that come out it’s a wonder their hearts are still beating. I am in love with Bink and her story and can’t wait for Volume 3 to see what happens when the rest of the shit pile hits the fan.


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