Book Review: Keeping Thyme (Thyme Trilogy #3) by T.J. Hamilton

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Miranda is back … and she’s back with a vengeance. Her sight is set and her target is Tench. Too many people in her life have fallen at the hands of the man who has a strange obsession for with her. Could Miranda be his next victim?She knows how her friend Sally died, but she still doesn’t know why. Could this information be the key to unlock everything the Agency needs to put Tench away forever? Or is an unlikely ally and a piece of her past the answer to it all?

Her heart may be torn with grief, but her head is filled with a burning reprisal. Could Tench’s unhealthy desire for Miranda be her best weapon against him … or will she push him too far?

4 star review

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FINALLY! We have all been dying for book 3 in the Thyme Trilogy because we finally wanted to get some answers! How will it all end? While waiting for book 3 we got the prequel novella to this series and that only made me beg for this book more! If you haven’t started this trilogy, STOP reading this review and start at the beginning with Buying Thyme, you won’t be disappointed!

“Everything is different now. I breathe different air. It now smells rotten, and life tastes sour.”

Life for Mia has completely changed. She could let grief completely take over but she knows what she must do… and for that she must completely submit to being Miranda. With her training and what she knows from being “Miranda” she has a plan and will take Tench down.

“They will never understand the power of sex.”

With Liz and Simon’s (her brother) help she has eyes and ears everywhere.   But Miranda/Mia must use what she knows and that is sex! How to manipulate and man like Joe Tench is her specialty and something her brother and Liz will never understand.   Letting the lust between her and Joe consume her is her only release from reality. But she must not forget all the people in her life that have been hurt because of this man.

“I want his lust for me to fill every deep cavern that aches for someone else. I need to fuck the sad away.”

When a piece of her past (read the novella!!!) comes back will she finally be able to get the answers she is looking for? Who can she trust? Will she ever find the answers she is looking for? Can she uses Tench’s obsession with her against him… or will she let him get too close?

“I know I may not be perfect, Miranda, but I want to change for you.” ~Tench

I could go on and on about this series, but that would completely ruin it for you! All I can say is if you are looking for a completely different kind of love/ suspense story, then you have found it! Start at the beginning, and enjoy the ride that Ms. Hamilton takes you on. You will not be disappointed!


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