Resisting Her by Kendall Ryan


Resisting Her by Kendall Ryan


5 Sexy, Alpha-Hotness, Man in Uniform, Can I hold your “Gun” Stars!!!!!

Freeze!!!!!! Put your hands up…….. And give a round of applause to Miss Kendall Ryan for making another amazing, sexy book with an incredible Alpha-Man Candy.

Colby “Cole” Fletcher was the man in uniform, and boy when I picture him in my head I see him, muscles tight straining against his business button up shirt. I really just want to bust open the front of his shirt and listen for the buttons to hit the floor and admire his amazing physique. *Fans Self*

Ok back to my review, I should probably stop getting side tracked *Wink*

Cole had this incredible soft side to him that made him want to care for, and rehabilitate the broken girl. I didn’t know all along that he was unconsciously doing it. I thought maybe it was just his way of making sure someone was OK after he completely turned someone’s world upside down. He does things that just come natural to him. The hurt and pain makes him react!  His past plays a HUGE part in the way he acts. I know, you want to know what happens, right? Ok well, you can all pick up the book April 19th (insert Plug here)

Savannah, man she has gone through the hell, and back but is STRONG, and is going to try hard to make her life into something Beautiful!

The depth of Savannah’s need to take care of Cole showed me how incredibly strong and selfless she was, and I was at peace knowing she was going to be Okay knowing Cole was her savior. But was he Her Savior?

I loved this book hard, I loved Cole, I loved Savannah and I also completely fell in love with his sister Marissa “Rissa”

Rissa was a very vital part of this book. I thought she was going to be the evil sister. She impressed me, her love for her brother often looked controlling, but please let her change your mind! I could totally see her getting her own book. *hint, hint, Kendall*

I am way scared to go into detail about this book because I am not a spoiler type, and all I can think of are spoiler things. Just take my advice and get your 1-click on as soon as it comes out.

******Then here is something for you guys to stew on and make you want this NOW!!!!!!!!*******

“Savannah squirmed in her sleep, murmuring lightly. He brought his free hand to her hair, sweeping the tousled strands from her forehead to quiet her. She was too vulnerable, too damaged, which was exactly why he needed to stop thinking with his dick. Pronto.”


Your Welcome!