Pulse by Gail McHugh

Pulse by Gail McHugh

How do you keep existing when your heart is so splintered, so completely torn to shreds, your pulse is fading?

You’re…broken.  How do ou move forward when every breath is nothing more than a constant ache?  Living becomes and insidious reminder that you threw away the single largest part of yourself. Your…soul.  No amount of distraction can pull you from the torture of losing your…life.

Now that Emily Cooper has walked away from her first love, she finds herself running toward her only love. Unraveling fast, bust clinging to hope, Emily risks all she has left on the man that has consumed her every thought and dream since the day they met.  Will Gavin take her back?  And if so, will their reunion be a collision of two hearts destined to complete one another and rekindle a love that knew no boundaries?  Or will scars from their past rip open, tearing slowly at what each of them was meant to be?  Can fate, the ultimate game changer, mend the shattered road it laid out from the start?

Only time will tell…



**If you haven’t read Collide please do NOT read this review**

 ~Ena’s 5 Star Thoughts~

Pulse picks up right where Collide ends and it doesn’t slow down until the very end.

I love Gavin Blake he is everything you could want in a man and all he wants is for Emily to love him and be with him.  He will give up everything to have her in his life and in his heart.  He is sexy, smart, successful, sweet, caring, passionate, and kind.  He loves with his whole heart and will do anything to put a smile on her face. 

Emily is torn, torn between the love she feels for Gavin and the “obligation” and “past” she has for Dillon.  Dillon has always been there for her; after her mother died he was her rock.  He loved her and she loved him, but over time things started changing, Dillon starts changing and Emily wasn’t sure where she belonged anymore.  Dillon wasn’t the Dillon she fell in love with but what can you do when you promise your hand in marriage to someone?  She let Gavin go; as much as it hurt she did it because she had already made a promise to another man.

Will Emily keep her promise to Dillon and marry him?  Can Gavin recover from his heartache after Emily left him broken hearted?  Will Emily finally choose love over obligation and run back to Gavin on hands and knees begging him to take her back, begging him to take her heart and love her for the rest of her life?

Dillon – okay so he got 1 very small tiny paragraph in my review for Collide and yep still a douche in Pulse however I need to give him a little bit more in this review because he played a bigger part in Pulse.  Was he still a douche?  YES.  Was he still the scum of the earth that doesn’t deserve Emily’s love?  YES.  Does he deserve to rot in hell and have every limb on his body cut off with a butter knife?  You betcha!  I hate Dillon with a passion.  The lies and games he plays in Pulse had my stomaching churning, he truly hit an all time low.  He was snake, vindictive and conniving and had my blood boiling throughout the book. 

You want Emily and Gavin to be together – everyone does.  Gavin loves her with every ounce of his being but Emily hurt him beyond words.  Emily isn’t sure if Gavin will take her back after breaking his heart over and over again. 

Emily wasn’t sure if her heart was still beating.  She wasn’t sure if she could move… could breathe.  However, she was sure her soul had shattered into a million tiny pieces, scattered somewhere along a highway in Mexico. – Pulse

Emily, oh I was so proud of her in this book.  I finally felt like she FINALLY stood up for herself and went after exactly what she wanted even though she did pay for doing it.  She was determined to make her life better and finally be loved the way she deserved to be loved.  She was ready for a change and went after it not knowing if she would get what she needed in the end.  She put herself out there; she put her heart out there and just hoped that he wouldn’t get shattered.  Emily went through so many ups and downs in Pulse my head was spinning.  There were good times that made me smile and laugh and there were times when my heart broke for her and my cheeks were wet with tears.  A one point I wanted to put the book down and walk about because my heart was ripped out of my chest and stomped on. 

Gavin, well what can I say besides YUMMY!  He is a man who knows exactly how to make a woman feel beautiful inside and out.  A man who will give his life up for the one he loves.  He needs Emily more than he needs his next breath and he will fight for her until his last breathe.  He doesn’t give up easily and he proves it in Pulse.  He is the type of man you want to take home to your mom and keep in your bed every night.  He is swoon worthy in every way from the tips of his toes to the top of his head everything about him makes you fall in love with him.

Gavin’s hands found the curve of her neck.  “Yeah. It’s crazy, and it’s quick.  It’s dangerous, reckless, and intoxication.” Gavin paused, drawing her face closer.  “But it’s what makes us.  It’s what’s made us since the moment we met.  Move in with me, Emily.  Stay crazy, dangerous, reckless, and intoxicating with me.  Just do it waking up by my side every morning.”

Gavin and Emily find themselves going through so many obstacles in order to be together and sometimes it feels like fate is against them.  Every time they got knocked down they would get themselves back up and make their relationship stronger.  Every day they would fall more and more in love with each other and nothing could keep them apart.

“Thank you for not doing what I know you could’ve so easily done.  You continue to shock me.  You also continue to make me fall further in love with you.  My heart, soul, life, and body, you own it all.”

Gail has known to shock us and she doesn’t disappoint in Pulse.  She had my pulse racing and my heart pounding through my chest.  When you least expect it – BOOM!  There is the whopper of a shocker that left my jaw on the ground and tears in my eyes.  My heart fell onto the floor and shattered – never in a million years did I think I would read what I read – Gail draws you into the love story and you fall in love with Gavin and Emily’s story.  Can life finally give Emily and Gavin a break and let them be happy together or is fate just not on their side?

The love they make movies about?  That’s us, Gavin.  Our past is imperfect, but out future’s breathtaking.  – Pulse

I have to bow down to Gail at a shockingly beautiful ending to the love story of Gavin Blake and Emily Cooper.  Although I am sad that their story is over with I am excited that I was able to experience such a beautiful story.  Their love for each other for me was one of the greatest love stories I have read.  Their chemistry, their pull towards each other, their passion, and what they are willing to go through to be together is breathtaking.