Crush by Lacey Weatherford

  *****5 Heart Stopping, go on and Swoon Stars***** My God!!!! How I LOVED this book. I am a huge sucker for a good YA book! And boy did I feel this. I seriously had NO clue that it would turn out the way it did. I really thought he was a Bad Boy and I really thought something else of him. I never imagined what he would come to be!!!!!! This book had such emotion! I think I have {Read More}

Play With Me by Kristen Proby

5+ LMAO, PMSL, sexy, steamy, make you wanna kiss in the rain stars Megan McBride is stubborn.  Her main priority in life is her job as a nurse at the Children’s Cancer Hospital.  She doesn’t have time for friends, or relationships but she is okay with her life.  She has a smart dirty mouth and she will put you in your place and tell you like it is before you can blink an eye.  She is funny, sweet, stubborn, crazy, {Read More}

The Cirque by Ryann Kerekes

 New adult romance set at the circus!!!! First off this is a very different book than others. This is a story between a girl who is lost, with no direction trying to find her purpose in life. Who stops doing something that came so naturally to her, but just wasn’t what she wanted to be. He was the Bad Boy running from the law, had a hidden past, but wasn’t afraid to be what he was. So she joined the {Read More}

Forever and Always by Beverley Hollowed

5 Heartwarming Stars Reviewed by M. Leigh When 17 year old Melanie O’Leary agreed to spend the summer with her Aunt Maggie in Boston, she was less than thrilled. But after an argument with her father, the trip gives her just the space she needs. When she meets the handsome and very charming Sam Cooper, she loses her heart completely and utterly and then has it broken. Suddenly her life falls apart and is changed forever. Now she has to {Read More}

Book Review – Wreck Me (Wreck Series #1) by J.L. Mac

  “I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I already do, Josephine, my heart resides with you forevermore.” After everyone Josephine Geroux ever loved was ripped away from her at the age of 9 she has spent most of her life as an orphan bouncing from foster homes and shelters and finally landing herself on the street to fend for herself.   Now at 25 years old she has a small apartment and a job working for the ruthless old {Read More}