No Going Back (Timing Is Everything 2) by Erika Ashby



~~Ena’s 5 Star Thoughts~~

For Seth and Mallory sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. Loving each other is easier said than done with life throws in their way obstacles and the past starts to catch up to them. The past will rear its ugly head and threaten their future together. Emotions will be at an all time high and feelings will cause hearts to break and souls to be destroyed. Is Seth strong enough to fight his past without losing his future? If Mallory strong enough and stay by his side at all costs knowing that her heart is on the chopping block? Life is not always fair and doesn’t always play by the rules and for Mallory and Seth they know life can be ugly but for them there is no going back.

“I want you to come for my baby. I want you to let yourself go and fall all around me. Don’t hold back. Whatever you do tonight is about us not holding back.”

Overall this story pulled me in so many directions I felt like I was on one hell of a rollercoaster and I loved every twist, turn, and deep. Nothing comes easy for these two and that is what kept me flipping the page. I needed more, wanted more and Mallory and Seth gave me that. It was a crazy beautiful messed up ride and I was front and center the entire time. My stomach was in knots at times and other times my heart was swooning for the love of these two.

So many things happened that I was totally taken aback by because I didn’t expect half of what Erika threw my way. She had me guess what was going to happen all the time. There were moments where what I was reading ripped my heart out and had me feeling all sorts of….

There were other times where Mallory being the feisty firecracker that she is had me feeling rolling on the floor laughing with her wit. She is such a strong and beautiful character. On the outside she presents herself as strong, independent, firecracker but secretly is also broken, lonely, craving the love from a man that seems so far out of reach it leaves her void of emotions. She broke my heart on many occasions through this story because she wanted so badly to finally feel like she belonged, to finally feel like someone truly loved her for the true person she is and slowly it seemed like it was slipping through her fingertips. After everything she went through she still and always would love Seth.

“I know he doesn’t like brunettes. I also know the reason he got off so fast was because as he was pounding himself into your slutty shriveled twat, he was thinking about me. I also know that he fucked you from behind. Wanna know why he did that? Because you’re nothing but a dirty little slut, and he didn’t want to look at your face while he got off. Why don’t you find yourself some self-respect and class sweetheart.”

Oh god I love Mallory she was all like…..

Oh Seth I didn’t want to fall in love with him for everything he did to Mallory but it was hard not to, life truly has kicked him in the ass more times than I could count and deep down he did what he thought was right for everyone involved even though it broke his heart over and over again. He had so much he wanted to say that he kept in. He craved the love of Mallory but circumstances stood in his way of actually going after what he wanted. Even for a badass rocker he is passionate and loving. Something about Mallory brought out his romantic side and he swooned me. I wanted to wrap him in my arms and comfort him and tell him to follow his heart and he deserved a lot more than he thought he did. He held so much in that it almost killed him.

“This is what you need Mal. I’m going to show you what I feel for you by making you feel. Let me make you forget, just for tonight. Okay.”

Although I did cry during this book, I also laughed, and got very angry. I went through just about every emotion you could think of and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Seth surprised me a lot with how he handled a lot of the things thrown his way. He had me feeling….

I feel like we got a lot from both characters and Erika did a wonderful job letting us know exactly how each of them were feeling when they were feeling it. She made them go through hell and back in their relationship and I loved it! I love watching a couple fights to be together and go through twists and turns to make it work. It makes the ending bitter sweet and I got everything I wanted with No Going Back. Mallory and Seth’s relationship is not easy and they fought tooth and nail at every turn and it made them stronger in the end. They kept pushing when life was pushing against them and they didn’t stop, they couldn’t when the love for each other was that strong. They didn’t have a choice they had to do what they had to, to be together. But sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we want and we don’t always get what we want.

Overall No Going Back is a beautiful story about the obstacles that you go through and the ups and downs you go through to get the love you want so badly. If the love for each other is strong enough and worth it you stop at nothing until you get what you want and hold onto it for dear life was you get it and never let it go. You work your ass off to make it work and you love with every fiber of your being. You remind each other every day that you love each other through actions and words. You never stop showing them how you feel and in the end if you can look back on your life and smile you know you did what you had to do to get and keep that happiness.

For Mallory and Seth that is exactly what they had to do, they had to fight everyday and even when it looked like the cards weren’t in their favor they never stopped fighting, they never stopped believing that they deserved happiness and love whether it was with each other or moving on and loving again they wanted it, they craved it, and fought with every last ounce of themselves until they had that
happiness they deserved!