#NewRelease #Giveaway #Review – For Love or Freedom by Lili Mahoney

Title: For Love or Freedom
Author: Lili Mahoney
Genre: Contemporary
Cover Designer: LJ Designs
Release Date: May 15, 2017 

Tatum hasn’t had it easy. Her life has been a series of battles, but that hasn’t stopped her from finding and hanging onto what she wants and loves. She’s come a long way from the small farm in Texas she was born on – she’s earned her own way through college on diving scholarships, then moved to begin her career as an elite swim team coach, and is doing her best to survive her life as a widow and single mom.

When Nic Lobo literally steals her away from the life she’s fought to keep together, the most basic of responses is to hate him with every fiber of her being. His quick temper and random absences make that easy. So is the fact that she’s still in love with her dead husband, though she’s also very angry at him for the way in which he left her. But Nic is stubborn and committed, and he has the uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before, not even with the father of her child. He forces Tatum to respond to him the only way he knows how and that terrifies her in so many ways.

Will she fight him to the death, refusing to forgive him for the harm he’s caused, or will he wear her down until she acknowledges the connection their souls won’t allow to be severed.


I give For Love or Freedom 5 stars for giving me mystery, intrigue, passion and an interesting plot. I felt many emotions such as fear, frustration, joy, and lots of angst as I read about their story, and was worried for Tatum and Tulsie when they were first removed from their life as they knew it but once I knew what the circumstances were I was rooting for a HEA.

Lili Mahoney is a new author to me but one I’m sure I’ll cross paths with again. Her storyline was great, the chemistry between the characters was off the chart, and the ending was everything I could have hoped for.

Tatum met this stranger while she and her daughter were swimming and Tulsie lost her shoe. Little did she know that their paths would cross again. He invokes feelings in her she’s never had before, and that terrifies her. His random absences make it easy to avoid him most of the time. She does not want to forgive him for taking away her freedom. Will she fight him to the death?

Tatum, an elite swim team coach, and is doing her best to survive her life as a widow and single mom to her daughter Tulsie. She hasn’t had it easy and has battled for everything she wants and loves, and she still loves her dead husband, but is angry at him for leaving her the way he did. Now Nic has brought out feelings in her and she is resisting with all her might. Can she acknowledge the connection they share?

Nicandro Lobo is quick tempered, stubborn and committed. He works hard and is very successful. When he uproots her from the life she knows, she hates him with every fibre of her being. Does he have what it takes to wear her down?

For Love or Freedom is a contemporary romance novel about instant chemistry becoming an obsession and a child that is a delight to have around. It involves taking decisions to save someone without them knowing they needed saving.

I loved this book and although at first I didn’t think I’d like Nic, I loved him and his tenacity.

“For Love or Freedom is wonderful story about finding love in an unexpected and uncertain place.” – Manda from Goodreads

“OMG! This is definitely one of my favorite reads so far this year!” – M.L Dyson from Goodreads

“I give For Love or Freedom 5 stars for giving me mystery, intrigue, passion and an interesting plot.” – Swoon Worthy Books

Lili Mahoney is the author of Young Adult Novel Barefoot Pastures. She was born and raised in Texas, where she went to Texas State University, and lives with her high school sweetheart and their three children. When she isn’t running kids from one activity to another, she’s feeding animals, doing laundry, and wishing she was writing or reading instead. Or eating ice cream.