Naturally, Charlie by SL Scott


~~Ena’s 5 Star Thoughts~~

I thought about her all of the time. I picked up my phone to call her at least three times every day, but I would set it down again, knowing she had to make the next move. The hard part was not knowing if she ever would. — Naturally, Charlie

S.L. Scott brings us another wonderful love story that develops beautifully over time with characters we can fall in love with. Life is not always pretty and fair, hearts can get broken, souls can shattered, regrets can shape us, and friendships can open us up to a second chance.

For Charlotte (Charlie) that’s exactly what life did to her. Falling in love and getting engaged should have given her, her happily ever after. But like I said before life isn’t fair, lies, betrayal and death brings her world crashing down around her. She is guarded not fully over the heartache she endured; she holds her heart just out of reach for anyone scared of getting hurt again. But what happens when a chance meeting with a stranger on a subway changes your way of thinking? What happens when fate steps in and offers you your destiny? Can Charlie give her heart away again knowing it can be broken? Or will Charlie keep her heart and love hidden within herself and let her past determine her future?

Charles (Also Charlie) comes from wealth but after he decides to live his life the way he wants to he is all but disowned by his family. He is cut off and he is okay with that because he knows he needs to make it in this world on his own – following his own dreams and reaching his own destiny. He has never done well with commitments after having his heart broken years ago but once chance encounter with a stranger on a subway can change that forever. Will Charlie risk letting someone else in and sharing all his secrets, fears, hopes, and dreams? Will Charlie be accepted and wanted for who he is and not what his last name means? Or will Charlie’s families social status wrecked his chances at true love and true happiness and leave him still searching for his destiny?

This book brought on so many different wonderful emotions in me; I am telling you it had it all. Passion, excitement, sadness, confusion, laughter, nervousness, anger, and bitterness. S.L. Scott has a way with bringing her stories to life by the way she writes her worlds and the flow that the story takes. It was easy to fall in love with the characters but you became close to them – you could relate to them even if you have never found yourself in their situations.

The chemistry between Charlie and Charlie was plan to see from the start but those two needed a little kick in the butt to get their relationship going. Starting off as friends spending time together, getting to know each other it was easy to see that feelings were starting to grow and desires were starting to form. You wanted them to love each other and admit it to the other person. They both came from a past that wasn’t easy to overcome and they struggled with their present and future because of their past.

Their relationship was easy going and fun to read about. They had a very playful relationship that brought goose bumps to my skin. They didn’t take anything too seriously and that was refreshing. They were easy going with their life never worrying too much about what other people think or how people think they should act. They were true to themselves and they wouldn’t change that for anything.

“Whatever. I bet you look even prettier without makeup.”
She bellows in laughter, her head dropping back. “Now that’s a challenge I won’t accept.” She turns more serious as she faces me. “Charlie?”
Shifting her weight onto one ankle, she nervously asks, “Can I kiss you?”

There is so much passion in this story you become invested in their relationship. I found myself screaming at my kindle for them to just be honest with each other – quit with the friend crap and be honest about the feelings. I could clearly see it, they both could clearly feel it, but they were scared of losing the friendship they built on the off chance a relationship wouldn’t work.

“When I hold her, my heart comes to life, sparking into fireworks that are bigger than the two of us. Our souls bond together, sending us straight into the stratosphere. The world holds endless possibilities, the universe is our playground. Our hearts remain captivated by the other as we take this journey together,” he whispers into my ear.

Charlie (Charles) is so passionate and loving. He wanted to remove himself from the high society his family seems to run in because that’s not him, that’s not who he is. He wanted his destiny to be his not something handed to him because of his family’s name. He wants Charlie to love him for him and not the money he could have or the crowds that he could run with.

Charlie (Charlotte) is strong and determined. She never wants to find herself changing for anyone. She will never let her heart down again and freely give it over to someone who can crush it. She is simple and beautiful and she wants simple things, she ran with the in group when she was engaged but never felt like she belonged, she was the black sheep. She never wants to fall in love with someone from that class again because she knows that they are fake and it wouldn’t be real. She loves Charlie and wants desperately to shout it from the rooftops but he comes from money he comes with a name – can she go that route again knowing in the end she will never be long and have he heard broken all over again?

The love is blossoming and looking so promising but what happens with their pasts collides and lies are uncovered and truths are brought back to the surface? What happens when their family’s lives entwine more than they ever thought? Will they let their pasts dictate their futures? Will they let their fate determine their destiny? Or will they fight, fight for love, fight for a future together, fight for a happiness that they both want and deserve?

I miss that.
I miss laughing like that.
I miss smiling like that.
I miss holding hands with someone.
I miss Charlie.
I miss him so much. – Naturally, Charlie

After reading Good Vibrations and now Naturally, Charlie by SL Scott I will forever be a fan. Her writing is beyond amazing and her stories are real and filled with so much passion! I am so thankful I was able to read and review Naturally, Charlie because it was such a delightful book to indulge in.