My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

From goodreads page about the book:

Taylor Caldwell can’t decide if she wants to kiss her new college roommate or punch him.
On the one hand, Hunter Zaccadelli is a handsome, blue-eyed bundle of charm. On the other, he’s a tattooed, guitar-playing bundle of bad boy. Maybe that’s why Taylor’s afraid of falling in love with him, or anyone else. She doesn’t want to get burned, and even though her other roommates adore him, she wants him gone before it’s too late.
Hunter himself has been been burned before, but the fact that Taylor calls him out on his crap and has the sexiest laugh ever make him decide maybe love isn’t a lost cause. They make a bet: if she can convince him she truly loves or hates him, he’ll leave the apartment–and leave her alone. The problem is, the more time they spend together, the less she hates him, and the more she moves toward love.
But when the man who holds the key to Taylor’s fear of giving up her heart resurfaces and threatens to wreck everything, she has to decide: trust Hunter with her greatest secret, or do everything in her power to win that bet and drive him away forever.

This is a 4 STAR read for me!

WOW!!!!!! This book was absolutely amazing. I will admit it took me 4 days to get through the first couple of pages, I was building my site. I thought OK, usually I get going and don’t stop until it is done. It was different with this book. But boy am I glad I finally stopped procrastinating. I absolutely fell in love with Taylor and Hunter!!! This book set off so many emotions. I was angry, happy, laughing and just about every emotion I can possibly think of. I loved the story about these damaged people who I rooted for the entire time. Sometimes I wanted to yell at Taylor to lighten up. But being how I have had a similar experience as her, I understood why she was so angry and standoffish. Also to find out Hunter was just as messed up if not more, he just hid it well. Plus they sure had amazing friends. Anyone would die to have friends like this group. They were supportive and just knew exactly how to deal with Taylor’s outbursts. This is definitely going on my recommended to read list. I know it kind of leaves you wanting more at the end, as in did they get married, have kids. I will keep checking to see if there will be a follow up, cause I am sure there is a lot more that she could do with this couple.

What was everyones opinions on this book?