Moving Forward by Erika Ashby

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~~~4 Simply beautiful stars~~~

–You have to take a step back to move forward—Moving Forward by Erika Taylor

What would you do if the life that you loved was one day taken away from you?  Your one true love was ripped away too soon?  What would you do if after trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with the life you have now you find out that the life you once had was full of lies and has you questioning everything about your past?

Jesika Reynolds is slowly starting to pick up the pieces of her life a year after her husband, Jake, was tragically killed in an automobile accident leaving her to raise their son, Jaxon, as a single mother.  Coming to the terms that her heart may never heal from the night it was shattered she focuses all her energy on her son and her job.  She never planned on opening her heart again, well, that was until Derek Jordan rescued her from living a lonely life without passion.

Derek Jordan hasn’t had a fairytale life either.  Derek is raising his daughter Emma as a single dad after his love, Veronica skipped town shortly after Emma was born.  Choosing drugs over him and their daughter Derek’s heart is broken and the one woman he feels can mend his heart back together is none other than the broken soul whose husband was killed one year again.

Can Jesika open her heart up again to Derek and finally move forward and be happy again?  Can Derek put his past behind him and trust another woman with his heart again?  Maybe these two broken souls can find their way together and mend each other and finally start to feel what true love is.  Follow Jesika and Derek’s journey and watch how one single event can alter 2 lives completely and allow them to finally move forward to a better future, maybe even fate will step in and have their futures combine and become one future, their future!

This book was nothing like I thought it was going to be.  I honestly didn’t even read the synopsis before reading it but I could tell just by the title what it was about “moving forward”.  I loved it; I was already on high alert during the epilogue where my heart sank for Jesika and what she went through.  She is such a strong woman and made a great life for her son after life dealt her a crap hand.  She is beautiful on the inside and out and even though she is scared to love again you can feel that she deep down she does want to move forward and find her happiness again and I admired her for that.  But deep down she has a little sex kitten in her that is ready to break free and Derek may just be the man that sets her free.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you.  And right now, I’m feeling in need of the firefighter part of him because he just freaking lit my body on fire with his damn orgasmic drumming.” – Jesika

That is what I am sayin’ Jesika – Derek + Drummer + Firefighter = orgasmic

Derek Jordan is all man wrapped in one fine ass package!  Not only is this drop dead gorgeous man a drummer in a bad he is also a firefighter (did you hear that Nadine yes a drummer in a band and a FIREFIGHTER – let me get my lighter fluid ready).  He is the total package….Let’s see devoted father (check), firefighter (check), drummer in a band (check), sexy as sin (check), swoon worthy (check), a fan-freakin-tastic lover (double check)…..YEP THAT’S DEREK!!!  HELLO!!!  Here is just a little dose of how sexy this man is………………..

“Baby, no.  I want to be the one doing all the pleasing.”   (pick me, pick me, pick me)

“Open your eyes baby.  I want us to watch each other.”   (If it were me I would NEVER close my eyes)

So yep that is Derek all wrapped up in a pretty little boy that I would love to untie…..Yummy!!

Jesika’s BFF Mallory was a hoot just about everything that popped out of that girls mouth had me laughing my ass off and she really did expand my vocabulary (and my husband says you don’t learn anything from the books I read) well I have to tell you I learned some very valuable lessons from Mallory like when to use phrases such as “Twat waffle” and  “Coochie crater” in a sentence. 

“Let’s go Jesika. You’ve had to deal with enough drama from this coochie crater today.” – Mallory

Although there wasn’t much angst in this book between their relationship I still loved it.  There is still some angst and some ups and down that they have to go through to get their happily ever after but most of their troubles were all in their past.  They had to work together to get through their pasts and hopefully come out on the other side a stronger couple.  By the end of this story I wanted to sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows with Derek and Jesika and sing “Hakuna Matata” because after everything they went through in their pasts and everything they faced together they deserved to be happy together.

I cannot wait for book 2 “No Going Back” where I can devour Mallory and Seth’s Story…Yes Seth the Lead Singer of The Rifter’s and Derek’s brother!  It is going to be HOTT and steamy.

Thank you so much to Erika Taylor for giving me an ARC copy to read and review.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to reading more of this series and any other ideas that pop up in that head