Misguided Heart by Amanda Bennett

Misguided Heart

***4.5 Saucy and Steamy Stars***

For Aston Boyd her career has always taken priority in her life, never needing or relying on anyone since she was 18.  She thought she had her life figured out after landing her, her dream promotion making her an editor at one of the largest publishing houses in Arizona.  She was happy and content with being alone and focusing all her time and energy in her job that is until she received a wedding invitation to her first loves wedding.  After much thought she realizes she is lonely and wants nothing more than a warm man to go home to at night and she is determined to win back her first love, Nole, the one she let slip through her fingers.

Sloan Holden (applause please) is your typical bad boy on the inside but trying to show off his good boy persona to try and win his father over into one day letting him run the family owned Publishing House.  He has his own sad past, one that he isn’t sure he is ready to leave in the past and move on and be happy.  Aston Boyd gets an idea, to make Nole jealous, she will invite Sloan Holder as her date to the wedding in hopes that showing Nole she has moved on will make Nole want her back.  But soon the act they start playing, starts playing them.  Feelings get developed, hearts will get broken.   Will Aston get her happily ever after with bad boy/good boy Sloan Holden (again applause please) or will her misguided heart lead her back to her first love?

Okay….Let me calm my racing heart and take a breath (don’t think about Sloan, don’t think about Sloan – dirty images running through my mind about Sloan Holden)……….OKAY!  I am ready now J  I loved this book.  I enjoyed that Amanda Bennett not only gave us Aston POV but gave us Sloan’s (WOW) POV as well.  Each situation you knew what Aston and Sloan were both thinking without sitting there wondering.  Aston is your head strong business woman who knows what she wants.  She wants a career; she wants to run her life without the distraction of a man – until after getting everything she wanted in her career she still found herself lonely and craving the male touch.  Going to Nole’s wedding she is was determined to win him back and she was going to use Sloan Holden (drool) to win him back.  But as you can tell the longer she spent with Sloan the more her body craved him and she found her heart torn between Nole and Sloan (hell she can have Nole – I’ll take Sloan). 

Sloan may seem like a bad boy – and trust me those sides of him come out in this book (he found himself in time out a few times) but deep down he has a loving heart but it’s broken and he isn’t sure he is ready for Aston to put those pieces together again and take the chance of her breaking it all over again.  Some of the scenes in this book, well after reading them, I had to put the book down and fan myself – it got that hot (again Sloan – WOW).

This is a fun, steamy, sexy, feisty, heart pounding, drool dripping book and I loved it!!  I also fell in love with Sloan Holden (DROOOOOOOLLLLLL) and I can’t wait to read more of Amanda’s work.  This was a little different from her Broken Series (Beautifully Broken and Breaking Beautiful) although it included beautiful men and steamy scenes this one was more fun and feisty and it was a joy to read.   If Amanda keeps writing books like Misguided Heart I will be a fan for a long time coming.  Okay now it’s time for me to go so I can dream about Sloan Holden……(Yummy – I mean did you see his ass? – HELLO)


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