Miami Nice (Part 1 of The Liberated Wife) by Danica Boutte



Taylor Ansley is a lifestyle blogger focusing on home décor and DIY home improvements. When her husband asks for an open marriage, she’s sent into shock never imagining her life to take this turn. On a flight to Miami to speak on a design blogger’s panel she meets a man who understands more about her than she’s comfortable with a stranger knowing. Building a brand is hard work and keeping it intact is even more difficult. The electricity between them isn’t easily forgotten, however, and Miami and her new life as a liberated wife, take a turn only the future can decide is for the best


I was asked to review Miami Nice: The Liberated Wife by Danica Boutte. First, let me say that right now I am really wanting to pull my hair out. I am so badly want to know what is going to happen with this story. Yes this is a short story, but such a great read and it will leave you wanting more. My only suggestion is before you read by Seatbacks and Tray Tables so that way you are starting at the very beginning. This book will leave you wanting more.

This story starts off with us meeting Taylor Ansley, a lifestyle blogger who is scheduled to leave for a blogging conference in Miami. But the night before Taylor leaves for her trip, her husband Jim, drops a major bombshell on her that he has decided he wants an open marriage. Of course this news devastates Taylor, because of course he has already cheated on her in the past and basically just can’t keep it in his pants.

Of course hearing this from her husband, Taylor is suffering inside and out. She is in tears, which of course we all know any of us would be when going through this. But once she is on the plane she meets Christopher Reddick. He introduces himself and then begins talking to her. Sparks fly between them and things heat up. She then decides while in Miami to see him again, but they are interrupted due to an unforeseen situation. Taylor then has to leave him and head back to her husband and then after she finds him in the act of cheating on her again and runs back to Christopher.  But of course there is more to the story and you just have to read it to find out exactly what happens.

I love the characters (with the exclusion of Jim) and Danica does not disappoint with this short story. Yes there are twist and turns, but that is what makes a great book no matter what the size. And this book is definitely the start of a great series and I can’t wait for more.