Loving Two Doms by Holly S. Roberts

Loving Two Doms

~~Ena’s 4 Star Thoughts~~

Okay let’s see!

Rock Gods/Bad Boys – CheckHot Dom – Check

Another Hot Dom – Check

Shy Innocent Vanilla girl – Check

Rock Gods/Bad Boys + Hot Dom + another Hot Dom + Shy Innocent Vanilla girl = 4 AMAZING STARS

What can I say about Holly Roberts and her wonderful imagination??? This book has everything that I love to read wrapped in one! Two bad boy rockers, one a bit more dominate than the other and a sweet and innocent girl that they both can’t wait to get their hands on and get her in their bed together – for always!!!

Matt and Stephon are your classic bad both rockers – ones you just can’t seem to say no to. From one look into their eyes you will fall into their trance and never want to leave. I fell for Matt first and foremost because he just swooned me over from the start. His naughty thoughts had my girlie parts tingling and had me getting very feisty. I so wanted to bend over and let him….


Now Stephon is a bit more dominant although still very very sexy, he is more demanding, more of the one to tell you exactly how he wants it, when he wants, and where he wants it. Shocking I am very much OKAY with that! He is sexy, strong, fierce and kind, loving, caring, and will always make sure you are well taken care of if you get my drift.


Matt and Stephon share a very special bond knowing each other for a very long time and spending a lot of their time together deployed in the military that have grown extremely close and they truly do love each other, and they love woman but woman that they can share with each other.

After meeting quiet, innocent, Jewel something happens to Matt to where he can finally see himself settling down and having a future. But that is only if Jewel accepts Stephon – which turns about to be a bit trickier than Matt thought. At first Jewel is not much of a fan of Stephon in fact, it’s pretty safe to say that Stephon makes Jewel feel all sorts of…..


Matt falls for Jewel but can Matt convince Jewel to take a chance on Stephon too? Can Stephon win Jewel over and show her how wonderful the three of them can be together?

Jewel is unsure of what she wants with these two men, of course having never experienced anything like this before she is confused and unsure of what the world around her will think. She knows what her body craves and it craves a whole lot of….


But what does her heart crave? What can her heart handle? Can she handle all that comes along with Loving Two Doms?

Holly did a wonderful job with pulling me into a world that I love to read about – a world that I never have had the pleasure of being a part of and well let’s just say that this book left my thighs tingling…This is a story of following your heart no matter what the world around you thinks. Letting your guard down to experience something new and different, even if it seems scary it may just be what you need after all. The love in this book is strong and addicting. The bond that 2 men can hold for one another is strong and their passion to want to love a woman and want that woman to love them both equally is beautiful.

If you like a spicy, sexy story with a bit of BDSM element in it and a lot of love, passion, and thigh clenching scenes then I would strongly recommend Loving Two Doms by Holly S. Roberts!!!