Love and Devotion by Jove Belle

love and devotion

KC Hall loves her family, her small East Texas town, and her best friend, Emma Reynolds. All of that takes a backseat when her lover beckons. Lonnie is blond, beautiful, and willing. She’s also married and a lifelong friend of KC’s mama.

KC knows the affair is a bad idea, but she just can’t help herself. When presented with the lush landscape of Lonnie’s body, KC subscribes to the philosophy of �orgasm first, think later.” Unfortunately, a secret that big is impossible to keep in a close-knit community where everybody knows everybody else’s business. The scandal would hurt her entire family.

Emma is KC’s exception, the one woman she loves enough to not have sex with. When Emma confesses that she’s loved KC since high school, KC is terrified. One wrong move and she could lose Emma completely.

Is she willing to let her family pay the price for her good time? Or will she turn to Emma to discover the true meaning of love and devotion?

~~Ena’s 4 Star Thoughts~~

I was VERY excited about getting this book for review because I have read so many books that are you traditional male/female relationships, and have even enjoyed a few male/male reads but I have been dying for a female/female book and Jove did not leave me disappointed.

Okay character overview: KC (main character) is a lesbian and proud of it. She wants to be loved but the person in which she wants that love from, Lonnie, just doesn’t return that love.

Emma is KC’s best friend and stands by KC’s side regardless. Emma is selfless, honest, beautiful, trustworthy, and an all around wonderful person who just so happens to be in love with KC and has been for a while now. But she will never tell KC of her true feelings afraid of ruining their friendship is KC doesn’t feel the same.

Lonnie, one word, BITCH! Married to a preacher she has been having an affair with KC for awhile now and she just so happens to be KC’s mothers best friend. She uses KC to get what she wants and then basically ignores her and their relationship. She is vindictive and is just selfish person! She has never and will never leave her husband for KC. She plays with KC’s heartstrings to work to her advantage with no worries on how it affects KC. I hate her!

Will Emma ever come clean and tell KC about her feelings for her? Will KC finally come to her senses and leave Lonnie for good? Or will KC continue to be blinded by lust and be Lonnie’s dirty little secret?

The decisions that KC constantly made throughout this book had me fuming and wanting to seriously do this to her…

Because I knew she was making the wrong decisions over and over again. She is a strong character in many ways and in other ways I felt she was weak especially when he came to Lonnie and how she treated KC. She continues to let Lonnie walk all over her because she thinks she loves her. PLEASE!

Oh Lonnie she is the devil in my eyes. She is selfish and is only worried about Lonnie and doesn’t give a rats ass whose heart she breaks along her destructive path she is walking on. Lonnie doesn’t deserve KC or the love that she so desperately wants to give. Just about every time her name was mentioned in Love and Devotion I felt like I could do this….

Emma was such a sweet character. You can tell early on in the story that her feelings for KC were real and all she wants is for KC to give her, her heart. KC stole Emma’s heart from her along time ago and still holds claim to it. When Emma and KC were together, which was a lot being best friends and all, I wanted to make Emma finally come clean about her feelings for KC and grab her on her nape and press her lips against KC’s lips and proclaim her love and devotion for her. If I could have done it myself I would have I would have made them two….

My heart broke for Emma because she saw what KC was doing to herself knowing in the end KC would get hurt and there was nothing she could do about it. It was up to KC to realize what Lonnie was doing her and rid her of her life forever. But Emma just waits, and waits for KC to make that move and until that happens she will keep her feelings for KC bottled up inside of her heart. For Emma and the situation she was in I wanted to…..

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was about this book! It is a great book about one girl learning on how to stand up for herself, and discovering she is worth so much more than she gives herself credit for. I felt like it was also about discovering what true love is and learning how to grab it by the arm and never let it go. Love and Devotion is a beautiful story about the love of two people regardless of their gender and that is beautiful.

Way to go Jove for giving me my very first female/female read! I enjoyed it very much. I do however, wish it was a bit longer and focused more on the latest relationship that came about later on down the road in the book. Can’t wait to read more of your work, awesome job!