Lost to You by A.L. Jackson

5 beautiful heartwarming stars


Let’s go back to the beginning when Christian first laid eyes on Elizabeth Ayers.  Beautiful, shy, innocent, caring, loving, everything Christian knew he couldn’t have.  There was something in Elizabeth that drew Christian to her and made him feel things he never felt before.  Christian Davison, gorgeous, arrogant, cocky, experienced, he was everything Elizabeth knew she should stay away from to save her heartache.  There was something in Christian that drew Elizabeth to him.  As study partners in college they spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other.  They both made a promise with themselves that they wouldn’t cross that line of attraction and chance ruining their friendship that they so desperately needed.  But as attractions grew the line became crossed and after knowing what they could possibly have together there was no turning back.

I was a bit nervous about reading this prequel but I am so glad I did.  It set up Christian and Elizabeth’s story for Take this Regret perfectly.  A.L. Jackson is a master storyteller and has never left me disappointed.  She brings the story to life and the emotions in the characters come alive on the pages.  You feel the love and longing between the characters.  Their insecurities, their pain, and their lust all emotions come alive in this story.  After reading Lost to You it makes me want to read Take this Regret again and enjoy Christian and Elizabeth’s love story all over again.  I can’t wait to read more work from A.L. Jackson and I will be first in line for any future books she puts out for us to enjoy.