Lifeless by J.M. La Rocca

Lifeless Cover

After graduating from the University of South Alabama, Scarlett Moore discovers her boyfriend of five months is actually married with a child on the way. Feeling used and heartbroken, she decides it’s time to take her best friend Jules’ advice to move to Atlanta and live with her. There, Jules helps her get a job at Entertainment Atlanta, where she works as an entertainment insurance agent. It’s not Scarlett’s dream job, but it’s better than not having a job at all, and who wouldn’t mind working with famous people, right?

Then she gets assigned to EA’s newest client, Kade Evans, rock star turned actor. Not only is he a drug addict, he’s also known for never dating the same girl twice. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, has an amazing voice, and good acting skills, but he’s also arrogant and intense.

At their first meeting, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

The love that comes later is unexpected.

But Kade’s life is full of secrets. His past has now intruded on his present and when Scarlett finds out what his secrets are, the real deception begins.


~~Kristy’s 5 Star Thoughts~~

Lifeless has me hooked!!!! There are only a few series that have captured my attention like this book has. I loved everything about this story.

In the beginning of this story we meet Scarlett and her boyfriend Trey and after reading a very hot and steamy scene you quickly find out he isn’t who Scarlett thought he was. Heartbroken Scarlett moves in with her best friend, Jules, and even gets a job with her at an Entertainment Insurance firm.  After having a tough childhood and now failed relationships everything is looking up in Scarlett’s life, finally.  She even is convinced to go to a club opening with Jules one Saturday night. Luckily Jules is friends with the owner and they get VIP treatment the whole night. After quite a few drinks the girls hit the dance floor where Scarlett meets Kade, a rock star that most women would give anything to just stand next too! Fortunately for Kade, Scarlett doesn’t know who he is when they dance.  The following Monday Scarlett and Jules arrive at work early for a meeting to find out that their new client would be none other than the sexy rock star himself! Now Scarlett has to deal with her feelings and attraction to Kade as well as making sure her job gets done.

This book has it all!!! Steamy love scenes, conflict, suspense and surprises!!!! It kept me hook from page one. I was so sad when I got to the end and screamed because it was over and I just want to find out what is going to happen next.

I give this amazing book 5 stars and I will sit here (not so) patiently and wait for My Beautiful to come out so I can keep reading about Kade and Scarlett!!!!