Lifeless by J.M. La Rocca

Lifeless Cover

After graduating from the University of South Alabama, Scarlett Moore discovers her boyfriend of five months is actually married with a child on the way. Feeling used and heartbroken, she decides it’s time to take her best friend Jules’ advice to move to Atlanta and live with her. There, Jules helps her get a job at Entertainment Atlanta, where she works as an entertainment insurance agent. It’s not Scarlett’s dream job, but it’s better than not having a job at all, and who wouldn’t mind working with famous people, right?

Then she gets assigned to EA’s newest client, Kade Evans, rock star turned actor. Not only is he a drug addict, he’s also known for never dating the same girl twice. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, has an amazing voice, and good acting skills, but he’s also arrogant and intense.

At their first meeting, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

The love that comes later is unexpected.

But Kade’s life is full of secrets. His past has now intruded on his present and when Scarlett finds out what his secrets are, the real deception begins.


~~Ena’s 5 Star Thoughts~~

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus where do I begin? Um I could begin with this was one seriously kick ass book, or I could begin with WTF did JM give us to read and why did she wait so long to give it to us, or I could even just begin from the very beginning because this is defiantly a book yall don’t want to miss. So here goes nothin’.

Let me start with the characters. Okay so we have Scarlett, sweet, cute, and shy Scarlett. She is a character you can’t help but like because she is sweet to the very core but when she gets all riled up she lets her inner bitch come out and it is so much fun to read. Scarlett didn’t have the best childhood growing up and after leaving Alabama to move in with her best friend Jules in Atlanta her life changes some for the good some for the not so good but changes none the less.

Kade, holy wet panties there is a God and he created us some Kade! Troubled rock n’ roll bad boy finds himself in Atlanta to show the world his acting ability by staring in a movie and with any troubled rock star/movie star the director needs insurance and they call on Atlanta Entertainment to provide that Insurance just in case Kade can’t keep himself clean during filming.

Scarlett meet Kade. Kade meet Scarlett…..

Kade is everything Scarlett’s heart shouldn’t want but everything her body craves. Not only does he have the ability to break her heart but he can also destroy her professional life as well. She knows he is a smooth talker and is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. Scarlett is afraid that her body with win out over her head and grab a hold of everything Kade offers, heartbreaks be damned.

“Do you feel that?” He nuzzled his nose against my ear. Instant need traveled through my body.
I gasped and closed my eyes. “Yes.”
“Do you feel the heat?”
I could feel his hot breath on my ear, and it was sending lightning bolts down my body.
“Yes.” I said, biting my lower lip.
He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, nuzzling his face in my neck before returning his lips to my ear. “I feel that heat every time I look at you, Scarlett, since the first time I saw you.”

Well let me tell you I felt the heat from the first moment I started reading Lifeless until the very end!

Kade is mysterious and sexy. Not only a rock star but movie star who knows how to work it. He is sex personified and I want to lick every inch of him. Kade left me with my tongue hanging out and goose bumps all over my skin. He is your very own troubled bad boy that you want to tame and fix and keep him chained up to your bed to have fun with whenever you want. He is a great lover always making sure to give Scarlett exactly what she wants and when she wants it.

“Please, Kade, I need…” I panted.
“What do you need, Scarlett? Tell me.” He licked up my folds and flicked my clit with his tongue, but moved away before I could grind in his face again.
“I…need to…come,” I panted, “now.”
I looked up at him, and he was watching me as he flicked my clit again. I could see the sparkle in his eyes. He liked this game.
“My pleasure, beautiful,” he said as he licked, sucked, and nibbled on my clit.

Scarlett is determined to guard her heart from getting hurt again and she knows that hurt is written all over Kade but overtime feelings start to change and grow and those walls start crumbling down.

There is passion, love, playfulness, and chemistry running fiercely between Scarlett and Kade and everything seems to be going perfectly for them.


JM throw use a curve ball and WOW does it hit my right across my face! Something you will NEVER see coming and when it does you have to pick your jaw off the floor and keep reading because at this point there is no stopping until the very end because you HAVE to know what happens next.

I love when I read stories that seem to be going exactly how I think they should and then the author throws in a whopper and completely takes me off guard. JM puts it all in Lifeless. WE have the sweet shy and innocent Scarlett that you will cheer for the entire story, you have the bad boy rocker/actor who you want to lick every square inch of, you have the passion the steamy raw chemistry that makes you rub your thighs together and then BOOM you have the twist, the what the fuck just happened moment that leaves you breathless.

I cannot wait for Book 2 because I need more Kade and Scarlett – I need to know the rest of their story and find out exactly what the hell happened and how it’s going to play out. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves a good new adult story with a what the fuck twist! Great great great book!