Leo’s Chance by Mia Sheridan


The follow-up to Leo, the USA Today bestselling novel by Mia Sheridan.

Does everyone deserve a second chance? Even someone who lies and deceives to get it?

Do we all have a second chance coming? Even if we play a part in our own destruction?

How hard would you fight to have a second chance at love? A second chance at life? Another chance to tell your own story?

Every love story has two sides. Evie told hers. This time it’s Leo’s chance


~~Mandi’s 4.5 Star Thoughts~~

            Mia Sheridan never disappoints. The first book in the series, Leo (A Sign of Love #1) grabbed me by my heartstrings and held on for dear life. It was a beautiful, heartfelt love story comprised of love and loss, heartache and happiness. It was a seamlessly complete story that left me wanting more, yet also feeling a sense of contentedness. I was actually rather nervous about Leo’s Chance because not all stories told from an alternate point of view translate well. Leo’s Chance did, however.

            Mia Sheridan tells the exact same story she told from Evie’s POV in Leo (A Sign of Love #1), only from Leo’s perspective this time. She skipped nothing. The questions she had you asking yourself in the first book, she answered in the second book. Leo is such a beautifully written character. He’s human, flawed, imperfect, yet he has the heart and loyalty of a lion and a love so fierce you yearn to experience that deep of a love and connection of the soul in your own life. Leo’s and Evie’s characters are so real, so relatable. Your heart attaches itself to them and breaks right along with theirs and rejoices along with theirs as well. Leo has such a deep love and connection to Evie-one so deep it’s one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve read. This is not only a story of love, but it’s also a story of forgiveness and redemption and second chances. This story will leave you with a heart overflowing with love and an eagerness to hear more of what could be with the love and lives of Leo and Evie.  I sincerely hope there’s going to be a third book.