Kissing Fire by A.M. Hargrove


Preston Mitchell, undercover DEA agent, has led a life of danger and obscurity. Knowing his job would never allow a normal relationship, he’s never opened himself up to any woman…that is until the lovely Avery Middleton stumbles into his life. 
To the outsider, Avery has it all…wealth, family, connections and a great job. But on the inside, she’s miserable. Her social life is in the dumpster, the kooky gal next door has some zany plans for her and her selfish mother drives Avery to the point of insanity. Her only salvation is to get out of Charleston and start a new life. So that’s precisely what she does. She moves to Seattle and steps right into the path of hot and sexy, Preston. 

Unfortunately for both of them, Avery ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and is now running for her life. But she’s not alone. She has a gorgeous DEA agent protecting her and suddenly finds herself irresistibly captivated by him. There’s only one problem. Preston carries more than his share of mental baggage, courtesy of his job. His covert missions have put him in places and situations he can barely stand to think about. Avery rocks Preston’s world because she is nothing like anyone he’s ever met and something extraordinary begins to happen between them. But can their love survive in this world, where danger, intrigue and deception lurk on every corner?


•Ena’s 5 Star Thoughts•

5 HOLY funny, sexy, bad guy dodgin’, frisky kitty cat meowin’, mother of panty droppin’ Undercover DEA Agent, shit-balls this book was AMAZZZZZZING stars!

This is my first A.M. Hargrove read and I was not left disappointed. She gives us it all. A wonderful action packed love story that will leave you swooning, cooing, meowing, purring, squirming, clinching, sweating, screaming, and awing from the very first word to the very last sentence.

So let me introduce you to my new book BFF Avery “Ava” aka Avery Kitty. She has a sense of humor like no other and a low self-esteem about herself and wants to leave her boring life in Charleston, SC behind and start over with a new house, new job, and hopefully new fun filled life in Seattle Washington. So she packs up her things and heads out West to start a new life. When she arrives at her Justin’s house, her brother, she comes face to face with sexy and steamy Undercover DEA Agent Preston aka “Just Miles”. He is everything her body craves but thinks that he is way out of her league. With his toned and tanned body, washboard stomach, and lickable biceps, he would never be attracted to an over average in height girl, not green/not blue eyes, that is carrying around an extra 25lbs around on her body, could he?

Preston “Just Miles” has given up his life for his job. Chasing around various drug cartels he has lost any semblance of a normal life. After the murder of his father and death of Terri, his sister, he needs to move on and actually have a life and the second his eyes land on Avery he knows that she is the one he wants that life with. But wanting and having are two totally different and he has to be willing to face some demons from his past and walk away from the life he has lived for the past 12 years.

Can Preston “Just Miles” detach himself from the DEA and life a normal life with Avery. Oh will his job and the enemies he has gained over the years threaten to ruin his happily ever after he so desperately wants?

So yes Avery Kitty is:

Fun, frisky, feisty, funny, sweet, kind, and wants to be accepted for her. I wanna be like Avery when I grow up.

The playful chemistry between Preston and Avery was so fun to read. They truly were just a fun and loving couple to get to know. They both seriously had me….

Everything was going so smoothly until Preston revealed something to Avery that he was keeping from her, than he had me all….

I felt so bad for Avery and she needed her friend. So who does she call when things are going to shit, her happy go lucky, carefree, sumo wrestling buddy Melissa. Oh boy Melissa is a hoot. She doesn’t care what people think of her. She lives her life to the fullest and she is all….

So after Avery went all kitty on me, and then Preston and Avery made me laugh, and then Preston had me crying for Avery, Melissa than brought me back to chuckles, I was ready to be swooned again! I was rooting for Avery and Preston from the very beginning. I wanted them to get back to this…

So image my surprise that towards the end A.M. Hargrove had me all…..

Just to turn around and leave me feeling like this…

I want to say thank you so much to A.M. Hargrove for writing and sharing with us such an amazing story. It has love, action, suspense, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and swoon worthy characters that you will fall in love with.

I feel head over heels for Preston because finally a man who doesn’t want a bone thin girl and loves Avery for her and what’s on the side! To him she is beautiful, perfect really and he will stop at nothing to win her love and keep it forever! A.M. Hargrove left me wanting this with Preston…..