Kaleb by Nicole Edwards




“I’ve waited too damn long to have you.  I’ve kept my distance, kept my hands to myself, but I can’t any longer.”

HOLY CANNOLI!!!  Where do I begin?  Not sure if I should begin with hot steamy sexy as hell Kaleb Walker or strong willed, open minded, sassy Zoey Stranford?

Kaleb Walker – you can’t go wrong starting with him.  He is every woman’s fantasy.  Strong, sexy, determined, sweet, kindhearted, straight to the point, no bullshit country boy and he had me saying yeehaw from the start.  Kaleb and Zoey have been best friends since they could remember but neither has crossed that line into anything more.  Kaleb has always loved Zoey and has wanted to experience her in the bedroom since he was a young teenage boy with hormones raging but didn’t want to risk losing his best friend to please his boy downstairs. (wink wink)  Until now…..

Zoey Stranford – Sexy, feisty, strong willed young woman who is moving on after her ex-husband runs out on her and skips town leaving her a 29 year old divorced woman living back at home taking care of her aging father and his financial worries.  Zoey has always loved Kaleb; he was her best friend, her rock the one person she could count on with anything.  Having her own little fantasy of what it would be like to kiss Kaleb but never acting on it because she didn’t think he saw her as anything other than a “friend”.  As time goes on she starts needing, wanting, and craving more from Kaleb than friendship.  She wants to feel him, she wants to know what it would be like to be possessed by him, but will she risk losing her best friend to sex?  Only one way to find out! (droooooool)

Kaleb had me drooling from the very beginning. He is sweet, kindhearted, take home to meet your momma kind of man.   “I’m right here, baby.  Always here.”  But watch out because he was also a dominate alpha male and told you exactly what he wanted you to do and what he was going to do unless you stopped him. “I’ve waited too damn long to have you.  I’ve kept my distance, kept my hands to myself, but I can’t any longer.” He is the total package wrapped up into one fine piece of man that I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off!!

I loved Zoey from her sweet southern girl style to her take no bullshit feisty attitude.  In the beginning she was a little shy and didn’t voice how she felt or what she wanted but after spending just a little time with Kaleb she didn’t feel wrong or slutty voicing what she wanted but she realized even if she did, fuck it, she was a grown ass women and she was going to tell you exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. “Not slow, Kaleb. Hard. Fast. Fuck me.”

I knew going into this book that it was going to be considered erotica and boy I was not let down at all.  “Does he eat your pussy until you scream his name? Have you ever paid attention to how intense it is to watch him as he devours you?”

Nicole Edwards is one steamy erotic writer and I loved this book from beginning to end.  Some of the scenes (ménages) in this book, well all of them really, were the BEST I have ever read.  Not in the cheesy, that would NEVER happen kind of way either.  They were very detailed to almost where you could close your eyes and see yourself in the story (wonderful thing to see by the way).  I devoured this book just like I really really wanted to devour Kaleb!

This is my first Nicole Edwards book that I have read and I am an instant fan.  I am jumping on the Edward train and I will ride it until the end.  This is the 1st in the Alluring Series and I am hoping the 2nd book releases VERY VERY soon to crave my naughty side!  After I finished this book I instantly purchased the Club Destiny Series as I have heard those are just as sinfully delicious.  I can’t wait to start those, because who doesn’t love reading about sexy men and what they like to do to us woman!  Sign me up!!